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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Activity ideas

Activities to try to achieve this target...


  • Find items from around the home or toys that SD may have that encourage her to build, stack or post items into containers. See the 'Things you need' section for ideas of items you can create at home.


  • Use hand over hand and modelling initially with SD to show her how to build a tower from recycled small Pringles tubes for example and place a small ball on the top. Make it into a game by singing 'Humpty Dumpty' and when it comes to 'had a great fall' build lots of suspense and then encourage SD to knock over the tower together. 


  • Encourage SD to put items into different containers, modelling and using hand over hand initially then encourage her to complete this independently i.e. plastic ducks into a recycled takeaway container and use as a boat in the bath and sing '5 little ducks' rhyme. Or create your own posting activity using a recycled coffee container and milk bottle lids (see 'Things you need' section).


  • Whatever the activity you encourage SD to complete, ensure that there is a sufficient reward (i.e. a song or dance) once she has completed it in order for it to be enjoyable and to engage her focus.