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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Activity ideas

Activities to try to achieve this target...


  • Sing a song or choose a story massage song and use physical actions/body tapping to engage KLL's interest. Wait for KLL to smile and show enjoyment listening to the song, then pause at an appropriate point in the song i.e. this can be at a dramatic point! Wait for KLL to give some sort of response that shows she wants the song to continue or for you to interact with her again. This could be a smile, using her eyes to concentrate while looking at you or moving her body parts i.e. arms or kicking her legs.


  • Use the same technique as above but in a game such as knocking down a tower. Build a tower of bricks and then count to 3 or say 'ready, steady....' and pause on 2/steady, until KLL gives you a sign that she wants you to keep going. When she gives you the signal knock the tower down together and laugh, giving her lots of praise.


  • When reading a story to KLL, use a story that has repetitive parts i.e. 'We're going on a bear hunt'. When reading the story, pause at a certain point i.e. the 'uh oh!' part or just before the descriptive 'swishy swishy' parts and wait to see if KLL wants you to continue and gives you a signal to do so.