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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Activity ideas

Activities to try to achieve this target...


  • Find items that KLL is interested in i.e. mirror or instrument, and items that she is less interested in i.e. soft toys. Encourage KLL to look at or listen to each item in turn and then to make a choice from two. Look for KLL moving her eyes to focus on one more than the other, smiling or reaching out to explore the item she prefers.


  • Always offer her a choice of two alone, one you think she likes and one she seems less interested in, and hold them up to her eye line, playing with them yourself initially to try to get her attention and gain her interest in the items you are offering.


  • Try the same items again but offer on the opposite sides to see if KLL will once again make the same choice for her preferred object i.e. the mirror.


  • Once you feel that KLL has made a clear choice from two objects, move onto new objects to see if she can make another choice from different items.


  • You could also try TacPac sessions with KLL, exploring the different items within the TacPac together to find out which she seems to prefer over the others (i.e. stills to, looks at, smiles at, reaches out for etc). Once you have finished the TacPac, offer KLL one of the items she seemed to enjoy the most along with another item she was less interested in. Once she makes a choice from the two, play the song and explore that chosen item together one more time as a reward for her choice.