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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Activity ideas

Activities to try to achieve this target...


  • Use something initially that MG is motivated by i.e. his yoghurt. Use simple words and sentences with MG to support clear communication i.e. 'M bring me the yoghurt'.


  • Start with his name in order to gain his attention and then use slow, clear words that are supported by the use of either a symbol of yoghurt or an object that links to it i.e. the spoon he uses to eat his yoghurt. Give MG lots of praise once he has brought the yoghurt and reward him by letting him eat it!


  • Use other items that MG is motivated by i.e. IT related such as a tablet or his favourite toy.


  • Move onto encouraging MG to follow an instruction where the item is taken from one place and put in another. This would be helpful if it was part of a daily routine where MG recognises something that always happens i.e. picks up his cup from the kitchen to drink and puts it back in the sink when finished. 


  • Use clear short sentences with MG, model the task with him, using the same language as you model the task. 


  • As MG gets used to completing this task every day, lessen the modelling and allow MG to move independently, being prompted by the use of symbols or voice only.