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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Activity ideas

Activities to try to achieve this target...


  • Encourage SH to recognise the letter 'S' in her own name to start with. Use a simple flashcard with the letter 'S' on and make the sound, encouraging her to look and repeat the sound together.


  • Test if SH is confident on knowing a letter by asking her to choose from two flashcards. Hold them up and ask her to eye point at the one that is the letter 'S' for example.


  • Use objects from around the home/her toys that start with the same letter and ask SH what the object is called and encourage her to recognise the same letter sound from a choice of two flash cards.


  • Use messy play items i.e. sand/shaving foam/flour to draw the letters in together. You could use your fingers or a dry paintbrush to mark make with together.


  • Hide a flashcard in the messy play and encourage SH to find it and say what letter she has found.


  • Make crafts with her name on and encourage SH to recognise the letters as she explores them creatively. 


  • Listen to phonics songs that have the letters of her names in i.e. jolly phonics songs, and make the actions together to match the letter sounds/flashcards.


  • Move onto other letters in her name when she is confident and comfortable to do so!