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Ty Gwyn Special School

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Georges-Pierre Seurat

French artist


Georges-Pierre Seurat was a French post-Impressionist artist. He is best known for devising the painting techniques known as chromoluminarism as well as pointillism (dots). While less famous than his paintings, his conté crayon drawings have also garnered a great deal of critical appreciation.

Born2 December 1859, Paris, France

Died29 March 1891, Paris, France

“La Tour Eiffel” is one of Georges-Pierre Seurat’s famous Paintings, he painted this the same year that the Eiffel Tower was erected in 1889.

You could recreate this painting by using lots of different object to mark make. You could use your fingertips to finger paint, dab with a paintbrush or you could even use the end of a paintbrush or something similar.

                    Here is a great example, just have lots of fun!