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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


Welcome to Dosbarth Glas' web page. 


On Wednesday we sent home packs with a number of resources, craft items, learning and sensory activities which you can try at home. We appreciate this is an extremely difficult time for the children and families, and it is completely out of structure and routine for them. Therefore use these packs as extra ideas to entertain the children whilst at home, we do not expect them to complete all activities that are provided if it is not suitable for them to complete. We hope to help as much as possible by providing resources and ideas during the upcoming weeks.


Every Sunday I will upload a timetable of activities which can be completed each 'school day' throughout the week. Below you may also find morning and afternoon Circle Time which will be available as a Powerpoint Presentation. These presentations will be the same for each day.


Below you may also find different links to websites we think you may find useful, and links to songs your children enjoy listening to whilst at school.


We hope you find all of this as useful as possible, and again all we expect is for your children to be as calm and safe as possible at home, and if you can find the time for home learning that is a bonus!


Be safe and take care, hope to see the children back in school as soon as possible! :)



Intensive Interaction - We have been using intensive interactive in Dosbarth Glas as a method of communicating with our pupils who often find this difficult. Read through the document and see if you can try it out at home!

Dosbarth Glas have had such a lovely time this year!