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The Nativity Story

The story below tells the Nativity story, of when Jesus was born, and why we celebrate Christmas!

The Christmas Story - Birth Of JESUS CHRIST | Bible Story For Children | Bedtime Stories For Kids

     Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot       

This is a story of something that happened a long time ago. Firstly listen to the story from the link below and then explore a 'Guy Fawkes Sensory tray,' to find out about the aspects of this story.


Guy Fawkes Sensory Tray

1. Black Hat/Doll

2. Toilet rolls (Dynamite)

3. Bricks ( Houses of parliament) -Books if you don't have bricks

4. Tinsel (Fireworks)


Feel free to be creative and use whatever you have at home. Help your child to explore these objects whilst talking to them about the story.



Gunpowder Plot

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