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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


 Lets be Creative 


Worm Painting

Using cooked spaghetti can you create a wiggly picture?


Put paint, in several colours, on the paper and then encourage your child to explore the paint and worms. After 5/10 mins, depending on their responses and enjoyment, take the spaghetti off and look at the wiggly marks made. Now slowly add a sprinkle of glitter to the picture and praise their latest creation.

 Let's be Creative! 


Depending on what resources you have, make a Bee to use when listening to the story about Bertie Bee. Here are some ideas below. Don't forget to adapt where you have to, children are forgiving and are creative.

Minibeast homes

Take a clean empty tin can. Make sure any sharp edges are covered with tape. Decorate as above using paints or coloured tape. When decorated fill the inside of the can with things you find in the garden i.e. Small stones, grass, pinecones etc. You are making a place for the bugs to hide. When you’ve done that find a place to hang your bug home and wait for the bus to arrive!

Spider Gloves

Let's be creative, and make a spider glove puppet. Use any old glove, even if it is an unusual colour. You can either sew on old buttons for eyes, or with a felt pen/permanent marker draw in some eyes. You are inventing an original spider and isn't intended to be accurate! Have fun!!

Spider handprints