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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Route 1

This Route is made up of 4 modules:

-Communication and Interaction



-Self help and Independence 


In each module you will need to complete 5 out of 8 activities- BUT ONLY ONE BULLETPOINT IS NEEDED PER ACTIVITY


There are 6 levels of support that will need to be noted for each activity completed:


-No help


-Spoken/Signed help- helped by verbal or signed suggestions


-Gestural help- helped by hand signals or other gestural prompts


-Physical help- someone holding and helping them to move


-Sensory Experience- the learner was given the opportunity of being involved through a sensory experience i.e. hearing, touch or sight


-Experience recorded- the learner was provided with an experience of the activity but was unable to take part


A photo or video will be needed as proof depending on the activity