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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Route 2

This Route is made up of 5 modules


-Knowing How

-Making Choices

-Feeling Good

-Moving Forward

-the Lead


In each module you will have to complete 9 activities...

For each activity there are examples to help you decide what to do


The activities ask you to listen, say, show and record things. This can be through talking, signing, communication aids, photographs, writing etc. 



There are 6 levels of support that will need to be noted for each activity completed:


-No help


-Spoken/Signed help- helped by verbal or signed suggestions


-Gestural help- helped by hand signals or other gestural prompts


-Physical help- someone holding and helping them to move


-Sensory Experience- the learner was given the opportunity of being involved through a sensory experience i.e. hearing, touch or sight


-Experience recorded- the learner was provided with an experience of the activity but was unable to take part


A photo or video will be needed as proof depending on the activity