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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Science & Technology

 Let's Make Churros 

Churros is a delicious Spanish sweet and is very similar in taste to a doughnut although it's a different shape. If making them is a bit much they can be bought from Lidl's. Then a Churros sundae could be made by adding ice cream and chocolate or strawberry sauce added !! Don't forget to take a photo for us to see!


With help explore the freezing cold ice cream and the warm Churros just after they've been made ( Be careful, to wait for them to cool a little) 

Churros with chocolate sauce - So easy kids can make it

A Churro is a fried dough pastry, similar to choux paste. This recipe to me is the best Churros recipe because it's soft and moist on the inside and super cr...


HEY FAMBAMMERS! Let's all welcome Ethan back home! We are so glad to have him home and especially glad to have him back for another episode of the PHILLIPS F...

      Mouk makes Paella in Sunny Spain            

Mouk - Mouk in Spain ! Paella and the grapes of luck | Cartoon for kids

Watch Mouk, children's favorite animated series to travel all around the world! Mouk is a cartoon in which kids live great adventures and discover many cultu...

                          Let's make Paella                       

8/4 - Kids Cook Paella! - CookWithTheo

This one was a proper dinner! An easy-kid friendly paella - made by the kids - eaten by the whole family! Visit instagram -

French Experiments.

A long time ago, two French men called the Montgolfier brothers invented a hot air balloon. With help have a go at exploring some of these hot air balloon experiments and crafts. They're fascinating!


Make a Hot Air Balloon

The link below will help you.

Have a go at some Braille!


Did you know that Braille was invented by Louis Braille in central France in 1809. Ask someone to help make your name with this braille alphabet and run your finger over it! They can even try doing their own name too!


Lets escape to Italy


Ancient Colosseum: A Virtual reality experience with Oculus Rift

 Summer 2 - The Great Escape 

   Let's Explore   

In Italy, there are 2 volcanoes, one called Vesuvius and the other called Mount Etna. Have a go at making a volcano eruption using vinegar and baking soda. Have a look at this video to see how easy it is. Use any container to make your volcano eruption in, but be prepared for a bit of a mess!!

Volcano science experiment for Kids to do at home with Vinegar and Baking Soda!!!

Volcano science experiment for Kids to do at home with Vinegar and Baking Soda!!! All you need is household ingredients for a great and fun DIY activity for ...

Seaside Sensory Exploration Bags

Make your own seaside themed sensory exploration bags! 


What you'll need : 

  • Sandwich bags 
  • Hair gel / Shower gel/ bubble bath/ water and food colouring.
  • shells, plastic fish, paper/card cut out fish 
  • Any other seaside themed items 


Simply fill the sandwich bag with either gel, bubble bath, shower gel or water and food colouring. Add in the seaside themed accessories. Use a good, strong tape to seal the top of the sandwich bag and let your child explore and squeeze the bag. 

Sensory Lagoon

Lots of our children love to hold or shake something, so why not make a bright blue sea sensory bottle!

Lets see how many different colour blues we can make!

To make our blue sea picture all we need is a piece of kitchen foil, blue and green paint/food colouring and some shaving foam. Lay out the foil, it might help if its taped to the table, squirt on the foam and the paint or food colouring. Then get your hands in swirling the foam around. Lets see what patterns and colours we can make. Don't forget to have some some wipes or tissues at the ready, It could get messy! 

10 Easy Science Experiments - That Will Amaze Kids


AMAZING EASY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS FOR KIDS to do at HOME, at SCHOOL, it's very simple and super cool that will amaze your kids. All of them are easy and safe ...


 Lets Explore 

Painting with worms (cooked spaghetti)


Most of the children love a bit of messy play and it is good for developing many skills. However, be determined by their responses for the length of the activity


Put some different coloured paint on the paper, place the spaghetti on top and let your child explore. (Don't forget to be armed with wet wipes!!)


Dancing Worms

Buy jelly worm sweets and cut them in half, length-wise. Fill a transparent plastic cup with water and put in 2/3 teaspoons of baking soda and stir. Add the worms and allow to soak for 10 mins. Empty the water and save the worms. Pour a cup of vinegar (clear vinegar if possible), drop the worms in and watch them dance.








Let's explore different animal sounds

Farm Animal Sounds for Kids


Let's explore the characteristics of the animals in the 'Dear Zoo' story. This could be done as a separate activity where the children explore the animals. 





Sensory Feel





Hold arms out

Roll up paper/card for trunk




Waaa Waa (low&slow)



Stand on tip toes

Upside down Sweeping brush (Children to feel up the handle for the neck)





Show claws

Fluffy material for the mane




(Deep low sound)


Hump back

Cushion (hump)





Piece of pipe/ rolled scarf



Oow   Oow


Hairy material



Croak Croak


Wet flannel



Wuf Wuf

Perfect: ‘Ahh’ and pretend to stroke dog

Soft, smooth fur material

Explore the animal through the sound it makes, act  it out, and interact with the sensory feel

Ideally, an actual toy animal is preferable for our children, however, if this isn't available these other things will help build experience.


Accompany, if possible with supported research on the internet whereby they can see and hear the animals sound. 

Amazing Animals


Many Children enjoy messy play and adding some animals to either Jelly, shaving foam, sand, or lentils creates a new, exciting environment to explore. 

It makes it easier to organize if you have a tray for your child to explore on as then this can be removed quickly if you needed. Arm yourself with any sort of wet cloths to clean up after.
Some children, however, aren't keen on messy play and may prefer to explore paint through cling film stuck down with tape, onto the tray. They can then explore the paint moving by touch and are saved from the 'messy' part!

Cling Film Painting Process Art

If you re able to, print off some small black and white animals, laminate and put amongst the paint under the cling film.