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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Sensory and Messy Play

Messy Play

We love messy play in Dosbarth Glas. If you are able to set up messy play at home, it will be a great way to engage your child and also spend some quality time with your child! Below you will find some photos of examples of messy play we use in school, this will be dry and wet. Some will be messier than others, if you have the opportunity to do this on a table outside in a patio or garden it will be easier to clean, however we understand this may not always be possible.


Shaving foam is fantastic for messy play. Just spray it on a table and allow the children to explore it with both their hands. As a challenge try and see if they can then explore it with just one finger (model this to them first). You can also write their name and allow them to watch - ensure you are saying the individual sounds of their name, and if they are able encourage them to join in on the sounds.

Flour is also great as messy play. Pour some flour onto a table and allow the children to explore with two hands. See if they can make handprints, and count the number of handprints you have made, encourage them to join in counting if they are able to. Challenge - see if they can draw lines using just one finger (model this to them first).

Hot and Cold messy play is also extremely fun, and it helps teach children the words 'hot' and 'cold'. For cold you could simply have ice, to make this more excited you can add some food colouring, or coloured juice and you can them talk about the different coloured ice cubes. For hot you could use instant mash which you just need to mix with boiling water (ensure that is is not too hot when children are playing with it). And allow them to explore both bowls, temperatures and textures!