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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Spring 1 "The Big Freeze"

                         Let's Explore!                          

Valentines Day Sensory Tray

A sensory tub offers children an invitation to dig in and explore colours, textures, smells and sound. They can be a spark to start imaginary play, to use lots of language, and to have fun with maths.

Arctic Sensory Tray

Make the Antarctic sensory tray, using a tray or an old baking tray and cover with foil. Put cotton wool and ice cubes on the tray and some of your craft penguins. Can you feel how cold the ice is?

Feel the cotton wool, it's a little like snowballs.

Leave your Antarctic sensory tray for an hour, what happens to the ice cubes? 








Arctic Sensory Bottle

Use an old plastic water bottle and pour water into it (3/4 full), listening carefully to the sound of the water going in. Add some glitter, snowflakes, and split peas (sound). Explore the feel and the sound of the water as you shake the bottle with help.

Put the bottle in the freezer and feel the temperature in there. Is it hot/cold?

Leave overnight and check the following day. Take it out of the freezer. How does it feel now? Give it a shake. Can you hear anything?

Check the Arctic Sensory Bottle several times throughout the day, answering the same questions.
















Watch this video clip, it will explain how the arctic animals keep warm in winter, as they don't have coats, hats and scarves to help keep them warm when its cold outside.

Animals with Winter Coats!

Have you ever wondered how animals stay warm in the winter? Learn all about their natural cozy coats and the other awesome tricks they use to make it through...

Snowstorm in a Jar



You will need containers, sea theme plastic animals, a large tub, blue food colouring and water.


  1. Prepare by freezing some water in ice cube trays and allow some time to pass to allow them to completely freeze. Use ice trays in different shapes and sizes if possible.
  2. Once your ice cubes have frozen, pour water into your big tub, and add your food colouring, and swish the water around a bit.
  3. Add your containers, ice cubes, plastic sea animals.
  4. Have fun letting your child experience the artic!