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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Spring 1 "The Big Freeze"

Enjoy this sensory story about a hungry Polar Bear trying to find some food to eat. Use as many objects as possible for the children to interact with and feel. Be imaginative and resourceful and adapt using what you have around the house. e.g. Use a teddy bear instead of Polar bear as they both have fur and therefore the 'feel' would be similar. You could also use some cotton wool for your child to feel: 'A big bear with white fur.'
Open this link below and you be able to share the story. You also will see a table to help you find the resources. Have fun and enjoy with your child, adapting as imaginatively as possible!!

The Snow Bear

Resources used in Snow Bear

Polar bear toy/puppet Sequined fabric Bird squawk sound effect Rocks sensory tray Ice cubes
Tummy rumbling sound effect Splash sound effect Feathers Cold water Drum beat to walking
Looking sign/gesture Mirrors Ice in water Swim sign/gesture Crunching snow sound 
Squishy texture Disco torch Bird squawk sound effect Jump sign/gesture Crunch cereal in white bag
Fish smell Underwater sensory Umbrella Swirling blue or white lights Splash sound effect Underwater umbrella (Fish)

Meet some other Arctic animals in this next story and have a go at making some. ( See expressive Arts folder) Which one is your favourite?

With help try to find what sound they make on the internet.

Way Up in the Arctic Read Aloud

Narrated and posted by: Kristen DeVivoWritten by: Jennifer WardIllustrated by: Kenneth J. Spengler

'Hello World! - Arctic Animals' Story Read Aloud


The Runaway Iceberg | Twinkl Originals Children's Book Reading