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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Thursday Activities


  •  CBeebies Thursday song
  •  Sink float video

Time to get outside in garden and get some fresh air– sink or float activities (see below)

  •  Tall and short– measuring activities. (see below)
  •  Target work involving numeracy and literacy tasks:  

     Telling time- Zoo feeding times—

     Emotions dice game– make up a dice, use a small tissue box, roll and copy the emotions. say what each emotion      is and try to copy facial expressions. Take turns with family members. See below.

  •        End of day story- choose from selection on Vooks


Picture 1 Choose some items to see if they float or sink
Picture 2 Natural garden items to see if they sink or float
Picture 3 Add items to boats to test if the boat sinks
Picture 4 Try floating or sinking vegetables

Emotions dice

Emotions dice 1
Emotions dice 2
Emotions dice 3