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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Thursday Activities


  •  CBeebies Thursday song
  •  Sink float video

Time to get outside in garden and get some fresh air– sink or float activities (see below)

  •  Tall and short– measuring activities. (see below)
  •  Target work involving numeracy and literacy tasks:  

     Telling time- Zoo feeding times—

     Emotions dice game– make up a dice, use a small tissue box, roll and copy the emotions. say what each emotion      is and try to copy facial expressions. Take turns with family members. See below.

  •        End of day story- choose from selection on Vooks


Choose some items to see if they float or sink
Natural garden items to see if they sink or float
Add items to boats to test if the boat sinks
Try floating or sinking vegetables

Emotions dice