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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Transition 14-19+

Moving on assembly.

What can I do?      Where can I go?       

Who can I talk to?  What are these places like?

We thought it would be  great to have a former  pupil re visit the school and to talk about his experiences after leaving the school. KH was happy to come to visit.  The visit went well. KH arrived earlier so it gave  us time to reacquaint with familiar staff as well as introduce  him to new staff. KH was a little nervous before the assembly. I began the assembly with a  PowerPoint based on four key questions, What can I do? Where can I go? Who can I talk to? What are these places like. 

I was able to introduce the pupils to the various places they can go by highlighting the work Kirsten has done through the transition section of  our website. Then I followed on with the key people that can help talk about the places by highlighting key staff across the school.  We then explored different places through photographs and then for the last question KH was introduced and we asked a  few questions about what  it was like  going  to college  and what activities  he liked to do and more importantly what he is up now  after  leaving.  KH was great answering the questions and it offered our pupils an insight into the future

Following on from the assembly a transition social story was created by myself, it explained what would happen as its time to think about leaving the school. I was able to organise questions and pictures to help our pupils to make their own choices as to what they would like to do following on from finishing school some of these videos have been played during our annual review meetings to highlight to parents their views in what they would like to do. 

Transition Event

What's new?

Great news!!

We are setting our Transition Coffee Morning dates for this year. If any of these dates have to change we will update the website. Invitation emails  will be sent out to all parents/carers.

We look forward to seeing you.


  10am-11.30am  Year 14  17/10/2022

  10am-11.30am  Year 13   09/11/2022

  10am-11.30am  Year 12   09/11/2022

  10am-11.30am  Year 11   16/02/2023

  10am-11.30am  Year 10   16/02/2023

  10am-11.30am  Year 9     16/02/2023

Careers Wales

Purpose – to give comprehensive support to parents and young people with additional learning needs and explore all options at the end of Ty Gwyn. We work with multiple agencies to explore the best possible outcome for individuals.

Contact numbers – 07824472218 or 02929846717

Email address –  or


Careers wales, Planning Ahead For Parents Booklet

Ty'r Bont

Ty’r Bont is a transition Day Service based on Ty Gwyn school site. The service helps young people in their final years at school to prepare for the transition to adult life. The team work alongside school staff in the classroom to build rapport and gather information in order to create a plan focusing on what is important to the young person, their future goals and what they need to keep them safe. 


Once the young person has left school they can take the plan with them to their next destination and the team will work alongside them to make that transition as successful as possible. Some young people chose to remain with the transition service for several years post school to keep building on skills and experiences for adult life.


We work with young people to create a plan that focuses on the things that are important to them. We support people to attend a variety of community-based opportunities that develop independent living skills, skills needed for the wider world of work including volunteering, as well as access to leisure opportunities, arts and crafts and other recreational opportunities. We aim to help young people make links, networks and build friendships with likeminded people in the community.


We work alongside the community health team to help young people to be fit and well and to also support individuals with significant health needs.

Meet the Ty'r Bont Team

If you would like to get in touch our contact details are:


Phone – 02920 483030

Email -


Referrals to the team are via a transition social worker.