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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


  •  CBeebies Wednesday song
  •  Art Activity- see pictures of activities to do below. Bee, butterfly, button caterpillar, snail, painted stones

Independence skills- all pupils are working on independence tasks. Skills and activities to work on :

Cutting skills

Catching and throwing

  •      Use PEC's Strip in home pack for health and hygiene routine
  •  Mini beast PPT
  •  End of day story/ song- choose from selection on "Ty Gwyn Resource Page" Welsh 

     folder stories and songs.


Art Activities

Bee hand prints
Toilet roll collaged Butterfly
Find a stone and paint it
Finger print on snail shell
Thread buttons onto pipe cleaner
Make a caterpillar out of egg boxes

Independence skills

Set up can alley throwing game
Throw a full bottle of water to each other
Buld a tower of LEGO, play hoopla
Cutting skills
Cutting skills remember to stop at the ladybird.
Try some different shapes