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"Learning To Achieve"

Weekly Activities

Weekly Activities


In this area, you will find weekly activities PowerPoints with lesson ideas for the week. Please do not worry if you are unable to do the activities at home- we can use these ideas when we return to school!

Each activity is planned to support the development of your child's targets. There are targets for all six areas of learning, with one particular area being focused on each week. These are only ideas and can be adapted at home, depending on the resources available. 

For more ideas, refer to the 'Targets' area under Dosbarth Oren.

Example of a timetable to follow at home

Below are some ideas on ways to achieve learning tasks through completing everyday tasks. Have a little look and see what you already do at home

This week is our final week focusing on 'Seaside Sensations'. This is an opportunity to revisit any of the activities from previous weeks. Here are a few of Oren's favourite activities over the week. Look out for the video of 'A day at the beach'.

WK 5- 29.06.2020- This week we are going to be pirates! We love the song 'Port Side Pirates' by Barefoot books. Read or sing along and explore the set activities.

This week our focus is on 'Goodnight Little Rainbow Fish'. Read along with me under the 'stories' section, maybe use some sensory materials to bring the story to life!

This week is a sensory week, focusing on all five senses! We will bring the beach to us at home by exploring feels, smells and tastes.

This week our focus will be 'A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea'. We will be looking at the different animals that live at the bottom of the ocean! Enjoy exploring.

WK 2- 08.06.2020- A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

This term we will be exploring our topic on 'Seaside Sensations'. This week we are looking at 'Kipper's Beach Ball'. Explore the other areas of Oren for interactive resources. Learning notes are attached below. Have fun in the sun!

WK 1- 01.06.2020- Kipper's Beach Ball

This week would be our final week before our half term break! This will be our final week focusing on our 'Watch Us Grow' topic. Don't forget to check our all other areas for more interactive activities. As always, the notes to accompany the activities are posted below. Have fun on your African adventures!

WK 5- 18/05/2020- Handa's Surprise

This week our focus is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Below are some ideas that all link with our six areas of learning. Don't forget to browse our other classroom areas, e.g. 'Sensory Play', 'Stories' and 'Music'. We have also updated useful websites. Enjoy being caterpillars this week!

WK 4- 11/05/2020- The Very Hungry Caterpillar learning notes

This week is our final week focusing on farm animals. Have a look through this week's and last week's learning activities and see what fun you can have at home! Please look at the notes below for ideas on how to explore each activity.

WK 3- 04.05.2020- Down on the Farm

This week is all about 'Farm Animals'. Below are some activities you could do at home. Refer to the notes for ways you can do these activities with materials you might have at home, have fun exploring!

'Farm Animals' learning notes- 27/04/2020

Our new term learning topic is 'Watch Us Grow'. This week, we are learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk. Please read the word document below for lesson ideas. Visit the story and music section for extra resources, enjoy!

'Jack and the Beanstalk' learning notes- 20/04/2020

This week, have a look what resources you have at home and create a sensory table. These are based on tuff tray ideas, however you can create a sensory table, tray or a matt in the garden! Look at the word document attached for examples!

Here are the suggested activities for the holidays, week 1- 06.04.2020. This week is all about rainbows! The purpose is to have fun and explore colours together! Can you find any rainbows around you? Please refer to the notes attached below.

Notes for Holiday Activities- 06.04.2020

Here are the learning activity suggestions for Week 2- 30/03/2020. Please refer to the word document below for notes on how to deliver each activity. Have lots of fun!

Notes for learning activities Week 2- 30/03/2020 - This is a recipe for salt dough. This could be a lovely activity to do as a whole family!

Here is the learning pack for next week (23rd of March). Please view the word document below for notes on how to teach the activity with your pupils targets. I hope this gives you opportunity to prepare any resources ready for a positive, fun filled week!

Notes for week 1 learning activities

If you have a OneDrive account or would like to create an account, here is a link to the PowerPoint with notes.


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