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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Work sent home




Certain pupils will have come home with photocopied sheets from the ASDAN accreditation. There is an explanation page of what the accreditation is. If you have a look through the targets and see if there is anything you could work on at home and could get any evidence that would be great. 



Pupils have all been sent home with their IEPS. Again, if there are skills that can be worked on in the home setting in different ways to the strategy on the IEP that would be beneficial. 



The pupils sent home with files- there are step by step methods in the phonics books and i will post a link to the Twinkl site which currently has lots of free resources. 



Please continue with your childs Physiotherapy where possible including standing, gaitors and splints.


Eyegaze users

Continue to use to develop cause and effect and choice making. 

You can add videos from Youtube onto Look 2 learn by saving a Youtube video using an online converter found on google, saving onto memory stick and then saving directly onto the device. This can be then used on the target section of the app under video wall.

For parents that do not have access to an Eyegaze continue to work on developing focusing, tracking and looking between 2 objects during the day e.g. choosing snack or a toy to play with.