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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


Hello everyone and very big welcome to our class page! 


Here you will find everything you need to help you with any learning you would like to try at home.

You will find everything in the below labelled folders.


Please get in touch using the 'contact us' option if there is anything else we can be doing to support you.


Sending all our best wishes to everyone, 


Team Arian

Dosbarth Arian: Ideas for achieving targets at home


Health and Wellbeing:

  • Following actions in an online PE session or to music

  • Going for some exercise outside


Every Day Choices:

  • Getting dressed-choosing clothes, are they hot or cold do they want a t-shirt or jumper?

  • Washing- choosing what items they want in the bath such as toys or bubble bath

  • Making food and drinks choices- choosing and pouring cereal and milk, buttering bread and making a sandwich, choosing flavour drink or crisps.

  • Toileting- helping to undress/redress/clean themselves

  • Laundry-choosing and folding towels, choosing and pairing socks

  • Household help- Hoover, wiping tables, washing dishes, putting toys away in toy box

  • Which Activity would they like to do? Which songs would they like to listen to?

Learning to Regulate

Home ideas for calming regulation for pupils with high energy

  • Hand massage with baby oil

  • Calming music such as classical

  • Foot spa with or without bubble bath

  • Stress ball

  • Deep pressure

  • Warm bath/shower/Water play

Home ideas for alerting regulation for low energy

  • Rolling playdough into sausages

  • Bouncing on a ball

  • Upbeat music

  • Playing on a swing

  • Trampoline

  • Moving/Dragging furniture

  • Jumping

  • Cold water play


  • Counting items as you go through the day such as counting each sock they put or plates on the table on or steps they climb

  • What number is on your door?

  • A box of same colour items from around the house- can they match them, sort them?

  • Sorting objects by size- can they give you the smallest of biggest of a small group of items?

  • Helping to pay for items in the shop



  • Choose and read a book can they find the Characters in the book, can they find the letters in their name or certain sounds?

  • Following instructions- can you pass me….or can you put this on top/under/next to…..

  • Can they identify their own items?



  • Go for a walk do they want to go the park or run on the field, do they want shoes or wellies. What is the weather like?

  • Can they put the rubbish in the correct colour bin?

  • Focusing on what you are talking about and concentrating for a whole task


Science and technology

  • Pictures on your phone of choices- food/items  for them to choose from

  • Collecting items on a walk- leaves/flowers/natural items- how many are there?

  • Taking photos on walks

  • Choosing between textures that they like- which ones are rough/soft?


Expressive arts

  • Can they follow actions to a song?

  • Chalking in the garden- shapes/colours/overwriting

  • Paper and pens for them to mark make on larger surfaces

  • Mark making and exploring in messy play- Foam, Water, Cornflour and water mixed, Sand, Cereal, Lentils

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