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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


Target 1

LNF Number –  C Steps

Listen to very familiar number rhymes, songs, stories and games and join in by saying or indicating more than one number


Home learning idea: See YouTube videos below: 5 Little Speckled Frogs, 5 Little Monkeys, 5 Currant Buns, 5 Little Ducks. Sing with T and encourage him to say how many are left.


Target 2

LNF Measuring - B Steps

Find one the same from a small collection of objects when the activity is structured by an adult


Home learning idea:

-Puts lots of duplo on the table in front of Thomas, then place a toy car on the table too, hold another toy car in your hand and ask Thomas to find the same.

-Find a Duplo brick the same colour as the one you hold in your hand when there is lots of different ones on the table. 



Target 3

LNF Developing Numerical Reasoning- B Steps

Watch an adult order a number of items in a particular way and attempt to copy


Home learning ideas

-Line up cars one behind another- See if T can copy

-Stack bricks

-Line up toy figures 


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