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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


Target 1


Writing Copy and write letters, words and phrases


Home learning ideas: 

  • Get H to write his first name and surname
  • Get H to copy his address
  • Get H to write out some of the vocabulary he has learnt in target 2
  • Get H to copywrite short sentences of what he has done that day, e.g. Harry went for a walk.



Target 2

Oracy– Show they understand up to 50 words/signs/symbols mostly in concrete contexts


Home learning ideas:

See the PDF documents below of a range of categories of vocabulary that H has been learning. Show him the picture or symbol of the item and see if he can verbalise it in English. Or, get him to match the symbol and picture of an item.


Target 3

Reading– A Steps Vocalise in response to a particular feature in a familiar story


Home learning ideas: 

Read familiar stories to H, in either English or Greek). See if H responds to things that are funny, shocking or scary.