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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Attention Autism

Attention Autism supports pupils;

To engage attention

To improve joint attention

To develop shared enjoyment in group activities

To increase attention in adult-led activities

To encourage spontaneous interaction in a natural group setting

To increase non-verbal and verbal communication

To build a wealth and depth of vocabulary

To have fun!


Please see the link below for more information about Attention Autism.



Phase 1- Box

Balloon. During Phase 1 of Attention Autism (Magic Box), pupils watch the adult remove some toys and play with them from the box.

Phase 1- Box

Dancing Goose

Phase 1 and 2 Attention Autism

Phase 1 and 2

Magic Box 1 and 2 Lemonade Fizz

Phase 2 Egg splat

Phase 2 of Attention Autism focuses on a highly motivating activity that pupils have to look at. The messier the better!

Attention Autism Phase 2- Rainbow

Phase 2- The Farm

Phase 2- Jack and the Beanstalk

Attention Autism Phase 2- Flour Faces

Phase 2- The Beach

Phase 2- A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

Phase 2- Flower Pots

Phase 2- 5 Currant Buns

Phase 2- Bubble Snakes

Attention Autism Bucket and Explode!