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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


Make your own Christmas shakers using decorations, dried pine cones and food coloured dyed beans in a recycled plastic bottle.

Cut a paperplate into a snake like swirl and decorate with recycled yoghurt pot lids and wrapping paper

Cut long strips of card and glue into tubes, connect the next tube to the last before gluing in order to create your loops! Decorate the face at the top as seen below

Create loops from strips of card and stick onto a paper plate with the middle cut out in order to make a beautiful wreath!

Decorate your winter hat with fingerprint paints and cotton wool and pompoms!

Decorate baubles using sequins, pompoms and glitter!

Make a bell from folded over paper plate and Christmas bells!

Create a snow globe using a picture of your child laid onto laminate with white paint to create the snow - laminate and use as a window decoration

Create shapes of baubles from card and place onto black card using blue tack. Allow your child to decorate around the shape and once complete, take the shape off to find the beautiful shadow art created

Draw and cut out handprints in two different colour greens and stick to a paper plate with the inside cut out to make a beautiful wreath!