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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Art and Design


Animals and their habitats


Art- P6- Relate pictures to animals they are familiar with.


Home Learning Ideas:


Tray of sand- Desert 

Bowl of water- Sea

Twigs and leaves- Forest

Bowl of ice cubes- Arctic 


Plastic animals/ pictures of animals to sort into the habitats above




See PDF below containing habitat scenes and pictures of the animals 


Painting animal habitat scenes


Home learning ideas


See the word document containing ideas of how to paint simple animal habitats. 


I have attached a web link to a homemade paint recipe 




Art & Design

P8 – Talk about what they think of their own work


Home learning idea: 


See the word document below explaining the activity 



Art and Design P6 Names people in pictures


Home learning idea


-Gives 'people' in pictures a name, i.e. baby, child, man, lady, etc


See the pictures in the word document below and use the PDF with the symbols in to help prompt H. 



Art -    P5

Sorts objects  by colour when three colours are present.


Home Learning idea


-Sort leaves by colour (green, brown, orange)

-sort fruit and vegetables by colour

-Sort lego bricks by colour




Art & Design –  P5

Stacking, organising and reorganising blocks and boxes


Home Learning Idea: 

-stacking building blocks using a 2 step pattern

-stacking boxes on top of each other in order of biggest to smallest (sandwich boxes, cardboard boxes etc)