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Ty Gwyn Special School

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Wind The Bobbin

Wind the Bobbin Up


This is another fun favourite nursery rhyme that we love to use in our Early Years classes. 

This song simply focuses on body actions and encouraging our pupils to imitate actions.


 To support the language of this song:


  • In school our object of reference to support this song is a yo-yo that we encourage the pupils to feel before the song is sung or played to them.
  • Sit infront of your child just like if you were going to sing the song Row, row, row your boat to get their full attention and eye-contact.  
  • As you sing/play the song model the the actions yourselves e.g pull, pull, clap, clap etc or use your hand under their hand to support your child imitating the actions you show them.
  • You could also include items such as scarves or instruments that your child could feel, explore and follow as the song is sung/played to develop attention skills.