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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Trauma Informed Schools

What is Trauma Informed Schools


Trauma is not only the thing that happened, but the effect left within us by our experiences!


Trauma Informed Schools is a whole school approach!


When we think of trauma, we automatically consider this to include some form of abuse or pain, however it incorporates many more experiences than this. Something we consider as being 'small' may be significant and traumatic for another person.


Examples of trauma may include:

- Moving to a new house

- Change of short break staff

- Moving schools

- Changing class

- Parental separation

- New baby

- Moving from a different country

- Going to the Doctors, hairdressers, dentists

- Going to a busy supermarket


At Ty Gwyn we use a positive and supportive approach, enabling us to provide the skills, understanding and strategies needed to support pupils, parents and staff during traumatic or anxious experiences.


We use a PACE approach:






And encourage all of our staff to be emotionally available adults for the pupils, parents and each other.


At Ty Gwyn School we …..

Understand the importance of helping our pupil’s to regulate their emotions.

Are curious and endeavor to find out the reason behind a behavior in a safe environment.

Are playful, have lots of fun and build relationships based on trust.

Show empathy, kindness and care.


On the Trauma Informed webpage, we hope to include a range of resources that may useful to you when supporting your child at home or out in the community.


If there are resources that you would like to request, please either contact us or ask the teacher in your child’s class and we will aim to help you as best we can.

Trauma Informed Schools Practitioners

Supporting Sleep

Trauma Informed Schools - PACE Poster competition winner!