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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Seren yr Wythnos

This week B has been an ambitious, capable learner! B has done fantastic work from home. He has joined in with our virtual Christmas concert by becoming a little elf. B focused his attention for multiple activities including hammering, sawing and exploring various play materials. Da iawn B!

13.11.2020- B is being an ambitious, capable learner. B is participating in structured activities and working well with a 1:1 to focus and share his attention. B has done really well with my turn taking this week. B has enjoyed rolling a ball backwards and forwards when it is my turn. Da iawn B!

06.11.2020- This week T has been an ethically informed citizen learning about Bonfire Night. T did excellent work making cupcake cases fireworks. T is increasing her independence with gluing and cutting. Da iawn T!

28.10.2020- Half term Star! C is demonstrating he is an ambitious, capabale learner. C is currently learning from home and has shown he is doing fantastic work! C is completing weekly activities set on the website and activities with mum. C is showing increased independence with his fine motor skills. Da iawn C!

23.10.2020- J is demonstrating he is an ambitious, capable learner. J has done fantastic reading this week. He independently read the colours on the rainbow and independently identified the correct colour to paint his rainbow. Da iawn J!

16.10.2020- ML is demonstrating he is a healthy, capable learner. ML has settled into the new school year amazingly and has adapted well to lots of changes. ML is independent with his hygiene skills and is washing his hands throughout the day by following an adult modelling it correctly. He is deomstrating more independence during structured activities. Da iawn M!