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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"



Croeso i Dosbarth Gwyrdd

Welcome To Dosbarth Gwyrdd's class page!






Areas of Learning Experience. 

We will be regularly updating our class page and keeping in touch with you all to provide as many ideas and activities as possible for you to complete with your children while at home. Please look in each of the area of learning experience files below. 




Friday 27th March '20


Dear Parents, I hope you and the children are well and managing to enjoy a little of the sunshine.

It’s a difficult time to help and provide for the children through the website, however, we can offer ideas. 


Most importantly the children need time to develop their communication skills through play. Other activities will also help provide situations to communicate and enjoy each other's company. Here's another idea that will help to develop these early learning skills.


Sending hugs and best Wishes to your precious children, from Trish, Julie and Jess





Tuesday 25th March 2020


Dear Parents,

I do hope you're all well and despite these strange times are managing to remain positive.

I have included some activities for you to do with the children this week and hope you find something to help enjoy your time with them and develop their skills. 


Most importantly set some time to play with them with toys you know they like the best. 





Friday 20th March 2020


To Dosbarth Gwyrdd Mums

'Happy Mother's Day!!'

Best Wishes

Team Gwyrdd 

Rugby world cup 2019!

Our topic this term is The Rugby World Cup! We have decided to focus on and support Argentina through their Rugby World Cup journey! Good Luck Argentina!

This term we have carried out lots of Rugby based activities and lots of activities centred on Argentina.  We each made our very own rugby kits, did printing with rugby boots, we matched up pairs of rugby boots and we had a rugby focus day which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We were able to practice our throwing and catching, weaving in and out of players and we even played a game of rugby against Dosbarth Rhymni!

We each made our own Argentinean flags which we have put up on display outside the classroom! They look fantastic! We made our own Tac Pac which allowed the children experience the classic dance the Argentine tango which fun fact; became popular back in the 1880s.

 We based our sensory story around the Argentinean legend Topec and ‘The magic bean tree’. The story is about a magic tree in the middle of the Argentinean pampas. On the top of the tree slept a giant evil bird that stopped the rain from falling. A brave boy called Topec set out to save the village, the rivers and the creatures from dying of thirst. Topec and the villagers scared the bird away and prayed for the rain to fall in order to save the carob tree. We based our display board on the story, we painted with coffee and we made a carob tree and a giant bird. We had a go at making fresh Argentinean empanadas which gave us opportunities to taste, smell and feel all of the fresh ingredients.

Forest school

This term we have been really lucky to have forest school sessions. We have enjoyed making bird feeders, exploring the outdoors and melting marshmallows and making s’mores, they were delicious!!


This term dosbarth gwyrdd took part in mental health awareness day and the ‘#Hello Yellow’ young minds campaign. We all wore yellow, made our own emoji’s with different emotions, did printing with lemons, took photos in a yellow themed photo booth and lots more!!

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