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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"



Croeso i Dosbarth Gwyrdd

Welcome To Dosbarth Gwyrdd's class page!


School Year:


September 2021


Hello everyone and welcome to Dosbarth Gwyrdd's class page

We have had a lovely few weeks settling back into school after the summer holidays. It has been lovely to see lots of happy smiley faces upon our return! 

This term we are learning all about 'My Community'. We will be coving people who help us in school and in the community, looking at different job roles.

Getting to know our school community we made our very own 'My Community' sensory books. These included our Teachers, our Classmates, Headteachers and SLT, Nurses, Physios, OTs and then people in the wider community - such as police, doctors, firemen etc. 

We have also made our own Friedensreich Huntertwasser art community for our class display! There are photos in our Gallery for you to see! 

We really enjoyed the Wonkey Donkey story by Craig Smith this term. 

We will continue to add activities to this page for anyone who is currently learning from home.


Many Thanks, 


Trish, Jess, Meg and Julie xx


School Year:


29th April 2021


It is lovely to see our children back in school, we have missed you!! I hope you all had a peaceful and relaxing Easter break.


We have been busy this term focusing on our story 'The Smeds and the Smoos' by Julia Donaldson. This is a lovely rhyming story that is brought to life by Julia and her husband Malcom's enthusiasm. You can find this 'you tube' clip on our Language and Literacy page. There is also a sensory massage story about 'feeling different' in the massage and yoga topic area.


In Maths we have been learning all about the seasons. You will find a seasons song with some sensory ideas to look at on the Maths and Numeracy page. 


It is Ramadan this term. Ramadan is the holiest month of the year in Islamic culture. For Muslims, it's a time for spiritual reflection and growth, to help those in need, and to spend time with loved ones. It's also a time when Muslims around the world fast during daylight hours for the whole month of Ramadan. We have put a story and instructions of how to make a craft lantern on our Humanities page to celebrate. 


Take care, stay safe,

Trish, Julie and Meg 






Hi All,

I hope you're well and had a good weekend.

This week, as we are approaching Easter time we are going to continue with some Easter activities. These include 2 stories: 'The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever,' by Dawn Casey and 'Clifford's Happy Easter,' by Norman Bridwell. Listen to them both and see which you prefer.

Practice counting the bunnies with an adult along with the song 'Ten Bunnies,' in The Maths & Number Folder. An adult could use your fingers to gently press, count, and practice your 1:1 correspondence.


In the Cookery Folder you'll find instructions to make a Chocolate Crispie Nest cake. Smell the chocolate as it's warming up and melting. Do you like stirring it all together? Put some little eggs on top and put them in the fridge to set. When they're set have a feel, whats happened to the chocolate?



Check out the Humanities Folder for the Christian Easter Story and also The Expressive Arts Folder for some Easter Crafts.
Tomorrow morning Andy will be doing a simple zoom workout (10.00) in the Blended Learning Folder of the website and on Wednesday I will be doing a live learning session: 'We're going on an Easter Egg Hunt,' at 1.30. I will also be making some Chocolate Crispie nests. Join me for some fun!! 

Best Wishes to you all. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Trish, Julie and Meg xxxsmiley












Happy St David's Day  Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus  



Hi All,

Happy St David's day!!

We hope you are all well and have enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend. Hopefully, it's a taste of things to come!!

This week we're continuing with our context for learning, 'Magical Wales,' and have some interesting activities for you to try. 

Firstly there are 2 lovely stories in the Language Literacy and Communication file. There is an old traditional Welsh tale called 'Lady of the Lake.' Also, a fun tale about an unusual dragon, called, 'Not your typical dragon.'

Practice counting with help and enjoy the Dragon number rhyme in the Maths & Numeracy folder and joining in with helping to make welsh cakes. It will fill your home with a delicious smell!! ( Science & Tech folder) 

In the Expressive Arts folder, you'll find instructions to help you make a Welsh flag and some fun Welsh songs to listen to.

Try out the Welsh Sensory Pack again, Yoga or Andy's PMLD stretches which you'll see labelled on the front page of the website, near class pages.

Have fun and stay safe, we cant wait to see you soon.

Trish, Julie and Meg xxxsmiley






















Hi All,             22/02/21

I hope you're all well and have had a good half-term week


Hopefully, we are slowly starting to return to a little normality and some children are returning to school. However, our website will continue to be up-dated with learning activities for you to try out with help if you aren't able to return yet.


Our new context for learning is, 'Magical Wales,' and we will be updating throughout this week.


We have two interesting dragon stories to share with you. Firstly, 'Zog'by Julia Donaldson, a great story about a Dragon School! Also, another story called, 'Not your typical Dragon.' by Dan Bar-el (Language Literacy & Communication File)

Enjoy listening to the stories and have a go at making your own dragon. Look in the Expressive Arts file to help you with this. choose which one you'd like to make, as there are several types. 





















Hi All, I hope you are all well.

All of the resource packs have now been delivered. Many thanks to the school team who helped with that.

I hope you enjoy getting involved with the crafts, sensory activities, and The Winter Sensory Pack. This is accessed easily through the website in the Sensory Pack folder. Firstly click on the link and it will open to a table of resources needed and hyperlinks for the music. Highlight the hyperlink, right-click and open. This will open the music to go with the actions. In our experience, the children enjoy Sensory Packs and generally benefit a lot from the 1:1 time, however, sometimes it's obvious that they're not keen on the music!!

On Wednesday, Dosbath Gwyrdd has a live learning session at 1.30. We are going to tell the story of the 'Polar Bear and the Cloud.' It would be great to see you then, and look forward to sharing this story with you. On the website, you'll find the live link under blended learning> Live Learning sessions. All sessions now have the same code, so that makes it easier. I will send you a reminder for the password.

Before Wednesday you could check out the story in the Language Literacy and Communication Folder. It's a lovely story about a lonely Polar Bear who wanted a friend to play with.

I've noticed some daffodils just poking through the soil and a few birds looking for food on my bird feeders. If you'd like to have a go at making a bird feeder out of recycling materials have a look at the instructions in the Humanities folder.

Valentine's Day will be coming up on the 14th February, so we have added some activities for you to enjoy at home. We've also added a Valentine's Day sensory tray activity under our Science & Technology section.










Hi All,

Hope you're all well.


Thankfully January is over and we're now heading towards Spring. Despite having to get through more cold weather we're heading in the right direction. We're going to continue with the 'Big Freeze context for learning and explore some animals from another very cold area called The Antarctic. Penguins are one of the fascinating animals that live here. Take a look at some of the stories about Penguins in the Language, Literacy, and Communication File and some Penguin crafts and songs in the Expressive Arts file.


With cotton wool, ice cubes, and your own craft penguins you can make an Antarctic sensory tray. (See Sci&Tech Folder) Feel the cotton wool and the ice cubes. How do they feel? Leave them for a while. What happens to the ice cubes?


Try to make an Igloo with some marshmallows. It's a bit tricky, but, with help try balancing them on top of each other!


Hi everyone,


Happy Monday! What a fantastic surprise to wake up to snow yesterday. Just as we have been talking about "The Big Freeze" along it comes! I really hope you have managed to experience feeling the cold crunchy snow. I love the sound of it crunching under my feet. (you can have a  listen to it crunching under my feet by tapping on the link below)

We are exploring the cold\snowy weather through some stories, you can find these in the 'Language, Literacy & Communication' folder. Have a look and see what takes your fancy.

There are also a few celebrations today, St Dwynwens Day (Welsh Valentines Day) and Burns Night. Have a look in the Humanities folder where you will find lots of fun, tasty activities and information on those topics. 

Some exciting news. Our resident music maestro Andy Pidcock is live streaming every Wednesday and Friday at 11am with all the songs and tunes that our children all know from their school sessions. Don't forget your shakers, tamborines and drums to play along!  (click on the link below)


Enjoy your week!

Julie W, Trish, Meg and Julie H


* We have added a super, sensory winter Sensory Pack which you can find in the Sensory Pack section.*


Crunching in the snow!

Kipper the Dog - Snowy Day

The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud, Purple Class' version!

Our reworking of The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud, originally by Jane Cabrera.



Areas of Learning Experience. 

Dear Parents,


I hope you're all well.

We are continuing our context for learning called the 'Big Freeze' this week. Take a look at another story called, 'Way up in the Arctic,' and meet the new animals that live and survive in the freezing temperatures! Listen to the story (Lang. Lit & Communication folder) and have a go at creating some of these animals (Instructions can be found in the Expressive Arts Folder)

Explore making a sensory bottle (See details in Sci&Tech Folder) with help and see what happens when you put it in the freezer. How does it feel after being in the freezer? Give it a shake. How does it sound? Leave it for a while and keep checking. What is happening?



Happy New Year to all our families!




Trish, Julie, Meg and Julie hope that you've all had a lovely Christmas break.


Our topic for this term is "The Big Freeze"! We will be learning all about the Arctic, the animals that live there, especially those that are endangered. One such animal is the Polar Bear, we will using our "Snow Bear Sensory Story" to explain why Polar Bears are in danger of extinction.


You will find this story in the Language Literacy and communication folder. Have a go at making a polar Bear from cotton wool (Ex Arts folder) and explore the sounds it makes whilst hunting on the ice (Hum Folder)


There is some fun Polar Bear music in the Expressive Arts file for you to listen, explore and enjoy.


To keep on the frozen theme, we will be having lots of fun experimenting with ice, making our own frozen arctic habitat and also having a go at making our own ice cream.


We will of course be adding lots of activities to the website, so have a look!!



"The Big Freeze"

We have uploaded lots of different activities for you to enjoy at home. There's stories, crafts and videos for you to watch and have a listen to relating to our new topic. All of our children love and benefit from repetition so feel free to look at our resources as much as you like! All our activities are accessible just underneath this paragraph under 'Areas of Learning'. We hope you're all safe and well at home and we look forward to welcoming you back into class!







"Seasons Greetings!"


Good Morning Dosbath Gwyrdd, Bore Da!smiley


It's been a very busy term in Dosbarth Gwyrdd! We've celebrated Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas! We've had a lot of fun!


Dosbarth Gwyrdd would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy celebrating with your families and take the time to relax and enjoy a well deserved Christmas break. We will miss you all over the next few weeks but we are looking forward to welcoming you back into class in the new year. We hope you stay safe and Father Christmas brings you lots of lovely presents!


We have uploaded some video links and activities for you to look and listen to. Have a go at creating some of the activities yourself!


Stay safe and take care! Lots of love,


Trish, Megan, Julie W and Julie H



A Christmas message from Trish x

Still image for this video

A Christmas message from Julie x

Still image for this video

A Christmas message from Megan x

Still image for this video

We will be regularly updating our class page and keeping in touch with you all to provide as many ideas and activities as possible for you to complete with your children while at home. Please look in each of the area of learning experience files below. Also take a look at our gallery to see what we've been up to in school. 




School Year:




Hello everyone,


To finish off this term's work, we are adding activities to some of the countries we've already visited.


Have a look in ‘recipes’ for some more Spanish inspired dishes, and in ‘expressive arts’ for more craft ideas too!

Did you have a favourite story or song that we have looked at over the last few weeks? Why not go back and listen to them again, or perhaps have another look at any crafts that you didn’t quite manage.  

We can’t believe that it is already the end of the school year and time for the summer holidays. It’s been a very strange few months for us, and I know it has been for you too. Thank you for all your help in making the best of these really tricky times - we really appreciate the efforts that everyone has been making.

For those of you who are leaving us, we wish you well in your new classes. We will miss all of your smiling faces, but don’t forget we are still in the same corridor so we will be popping in to see how you are getting on. 

We look forward to welcoming back those children who are staying with us in September, 

but for now, have fun and enjoy the holidays!

Stay safe 

Trish, Julie and Jess xxx



     Sunny Spain here we come!    

Monday 6th July 2020


Dear Parents,

I hope you're all well and coping. I cant believe it's July already! I'm so looking forward to seeing the children and some normality to resume!!


I'm going to add more activities to the different areas for the countries we have focused on so far, in order to enrich their experience of different cultures and countries. There's a new story about an elephant who escaped from a zoo in the Language Literacy and Communication File and is read in Spanish. The children can listen to the beautiful rhythm of the Spanish language and then read again in English.


Have a go at creating a junk modelling Spanish guitar with old packaging boxes and elastic bands and listen to the atmospheric sound of the Spanish music by the 'Gypsy Kings.' Also The traditional sound of the Flamenco music. (Expressive Arts file)


Tour Valencia and Barcelona looking at the amazing buildings (Humanities File) and try to make a model of one of the buildings using old packaging boxes. You may need a little help as they can be tricky to balance. Explore the shapes and with help build one of the amazing buildings you see on the video. 


Don't forget to keep up with 'Tooth Brushing,' just like we do at school after dinner. The song in the Health and Well Being File will help you.


Listen to The Chicken Little story read in Spanish. You will probably already know the story.


Best Wishes to you all

Trish, Julie and Jess smiley



Monday 29th June 2020


Dear Parents,

How are you? I hope you're all well!!


This week we're flying off to Sunny Spain to experience some Spanish culture. Help the children begin with a little greeting song in Spanish followed by an interesting story about a Spanish celebration called, 'The Food Fiesta' ( See Language Literacy and Numeracy File) Try counting in Spanish along with the video. (Maths&Numeracy File) Remember to touch their fingers when you count, helping to reinforce 1:1 correspondence.


Explore Spain through helping the children make a Spanish flag and attach to a stick or empty paper towel roll. They then can play and enjoy waving their flag!! Also, try making a Spanish Fan to play with while watching some fascinating Flamenco Dancingwhich may come in useful if we have another hot day (See Expressive Arts File)


Listen to the traditional Flamenco music and watch the dancing in a Sesame Street Special. (Expressive Arts File)


Paella is Spain's national dish and is full of scrumptious flavours. There is a recipe for this in the Science and technology file. It will be interesting to see what the children think. Churros and chocolate is a delicious treat and one I'm sure many children will enjoy. Encourage them to explore through touch and taste if they are able. 


Best Wishes to you all

Trish, Julie and Jess



         Flying Off to France            

Monday 22nd June 2020


Dear Parents, 

I hope you are well and coping. Thankfully the sunshine's on its way back so we'll need to plaster on the sun cream by Wednesday!! Our 'Great Escape' is going to take us off to France this week and we are going to have fun exploring some aspects of French culture.


Firstly, as an introduction, look and listen to a story giving you a little taste of  France. (Language Literacy & Communication File) Follow up with some French songs (Expressive Arts File) and with help have a go at making some delicious french croissants, especially nice with jam on!!


Have a go at exploring how to make a 'Hot Air Balloon.' Famous French brothers cleverly did this nearly 200 years ago!! (Science & Tech File) And make yourself a French Flag to wave.


Don't forget to do Intensive Interaction whenever possible.


Best Wishes

Trish, Julie & Jess smiley

        Italy here we come!!        

Monday 16th June 2020


Dear Parents,

I hope you' re all well and coping. This week we're going to take our 'Great Escape' off to Italy and explore this country through our activities. Sorry, it seems a bit of a tease when our wings are clipped and we can't go anywhere!!! 


We 're going to start with a story about an Italian holiday ( Language Literacy and Communication file) This activity has cross-curricular and therefore covers Humanities also. 


Also, enjoy a tour of Venice on a gondola with Julian and Rosie. They learn how to be gondoliers and enjoy a tasty treat of gelato. The day ends with feathery thrills ...


You could explore making a volcano eruption (Sci&Tech file) like one from Mount Vesuvius in Italy or enjoy being creative and making ice cream with fluffy paint!!


Enjoy the Italian experience!!........ there's more to come!!


Best Wishes and big hugs to you all

Trish, Julie and Jess

Monday 8th June 2020


Hi Everyone,


We hope you are all keeping well?


This week we are staying with the topic of Seaside Adventures.

We have put some more activities and ideas on the website for you. 


In Expressive Arts - Seaside Adventure we have some lovely craft ideas, where you can explore different materials and get messy whilst having fun.Why not have a go at making a scary shark! 

There are also some silly seaside songs to sing along to, I think some of your mums and dads will remember them too!


Why not have fun exploring the sand and sea activities that we have put in the Science and Technology File. There are ideas on how to make a Squishy Sensory Exploration Bag, Aquarium Night Light Box amongst lots of other ideas.


If you fancy a calming activity then go to our Health and Well Being File where you will find a Sea Side Sensory Pack and A Summer Sensology, feel free to use substitutes for any items you don't have. 


Lastly don't forget there are lots of lovely stories for you to listen to together, you'll find these  in our Language and Literacy File.


Have a great week

Trish, Julie and Jess


Dear Parents, 

I hope you are all well and coping and that your children are still managing to play and enjoy themselves with you. Our new context for learning is called 'The Great Escape' and despite the fact that we haven't been able to, we can still use our imaginations to help the children explore different possibilities.


We have a new sensory story called 'The Blue Abyss,' and can be found in the Language Literacy & Communication File. This will give your child experience of different aspects of the Seaside.


In the Health & Well Being File there is a Sensory Pack called, 'Seaside Adventure,' which will build upon their experience and enjoyment. Also, there is guidance for a 'Summer Sensology' session.


Keep using the Intensive Interaction much as possible, as this is an excellent way to help develop early communication skills, develop positive self-esteem and have fun!!


There are some fun, simple experiments to try, in The Science and Technology File and some crafts to enjoy in The Expressive Arts File.


Best Wishes to you all

Trish, Julie and Jess



Monday 17th May 2020


Dear Parents,

I'm hoping you're all well this week and you are coping as best you can.


Here are some more ideas for you to try out with your children, to help develop their skills. Please have a look and use what you can, or adapt using what you have at home.


We're still exploring Mini Beasts and have a Sensory Story about Bertie the Bee.' (See Lang/Lit  and Communication file.) Despite the fact that they can sting and can be annoying, they are incredible creatures and do an amazing job helping the plants and flowers. Have you spotted any in the garden yet?


With help, try making a sock puppet/toilet role/finger puppet bee, to bring the story to life.(Look in the Expressive Arts Folder) Knowing how much Dosbath Gwyrdd children love sound effects, don't forget to use Bertie Bee's 'buzzing' sound throughout the story. 


Before you enjoy the sensory story, listen to this simple song about a bee. 

Have fun and experience different Minibeasts through the 'Minibeast Sensory Pack' ( Find in Sensory Pack file) 

Enjoy this story about another sort of Mini Beast, called a worm, but this worm is a 'Super worm.' (Check it out in the Language Literacy and Communication Folder.)

The Bees Go Buzzing | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Watch this video and MUCH more in the Super Simple App for iOS! ► 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝"The Bees Go Buzzing" is a fun nursery rhyme to teach kids how...

Monday 11th May 2020


Dear Parents,

Another week has passed and thankfully have had some more sunshine. We hope you are all keeping well. Here are some more ideas to extend our context for learning called, 'Amazing Animals.' We are going to progress into looking at some more amazing creatures and these are often called 'Minibeast.' They can be found in any garden however big or small!


The first thing I'd suggest is listening to this great Minibeast song and then go on a minibeast hunt to see what you can find. 



With your parents' help, look in the soil, under stones and in the grass. Keep looking, it may take a little time!!!! Don't forget to count the minibeasts as you find them. How many will you find?


Also, check the Science and Technology folder, for pictures of the Minibeasts you may find.

In the Expressive Arts and Humanities file you'll find a Bug hotel to make and put in your garden


Have fun!!

Lots of Love and big hugs

Trish, Julie and Jess xx

Monday 3rd May 2020


Dear Parents,

I'm hoping that you're all well. This week there is work on the website to learn about some more amazing animals, and these are Farm Animals. We are going to begin with another simple, endearing story about a duck who can't sleep. Throughout the story they will be introduced to different animals, all who have their own unique sound effect. The children in Dosbath Gwyrdd love funny sound effects and I'm confident they will enjoy this story.


The story is called 'Click, click, Clack' and can be found in the Language, Literacy and Communication file. 


Be creative, and make your own animals out of a paper plate or old packaging (Use the plain side) See the Expressive Arts File.


Let's count, and feed the farm animals. Help to turn clean, old tins into animals and with help feed them. See details in the Maths & Numeracy File.


Enjoy the popular song, 'Old McDonald had a Farm,' personalize it and replace 'Old McDonald' with your child's name!! They'll love it!! There is a link in the Expressive Arts File: 'Amazing Animal Songs.'


Explore the Farm Animal sounds in the youtube video in the Science &Technology file.



Have Fun Dosbath Gwyrdd, we miss you!!

Best Wish and big hugs

Trish, Julie and Jess

Mon 20th April 2020   


Dear parents, I hope you're all keeping well and coping with this strange situation. We are all really missing the children but realise that importance of safety and can't wait for normality to resume.


We realise the difficulty of being suddenly thrown into new roles and, therefore, encourage you to do what you're able to. There is work and ideas for you and your children,  however, most importantly we need to, 'Keep Calm and Carry on!' At this time we need to maintain our own mental health as well as theirs.  


Our topic this term is 'Amazing Animals,' and will put ideas in the subject areas. I've also put the individual pupil file with your child's IEP and how it could be modified for home. There's also more notes in their individual files to help with suitable activities.


Firstly, there is a Sensory Story Activity called 'Dear Zoo' in the form of a PowerPoint which introduces different animals, their noises and actions. It is a lovely simple story that uses repetition and creates an infectious rhythm. As with all our activities at Ty Gwyn repetition is important, as it takes time for the children to become familiar with something new, and in time will begin to develop anticipation.


There will be Art/Craft Activities to support the book and the new context for learning.  Also, activities to develop creativity, manual dexterity, exploration at the same time as having fun! (Sorry, it can be messy!!)      Enjoy!!!


Big hugs from us all!!


Best Wishes from Team Gwyrdd

Trish, Julie and Jess

Tuesday 7th April 2020


Dear Parents

I hope you are all well. Despite the fact that little has changed and we remain in lockdown, the Easter holiday's now arrived. I am aware that the children will continue to need things to stimulate and inspire them so I will continue to add things to help with this and to develop their early learning skills through activities of interest.


Best Wishes to you all

From Team Gwyrdd: Trish, Julie and Jess

Learning Opportunities In Everyday Tasks

Friday 27th March '20


Dear Parents, I hope you and the children are well and managing to enjoy a little of the sunshine.

It’s a difficult time to help and provide for the children through the website, however, we can offer ideas. 


Most importantly the children need time to develop their communication skills through play. Other activities will also help provide situations to communicate and enjoy each other's company. There are plenty of ideas that will help to develop these early learning skills.


Please look under the Health and Wellbeing area for a Rainbow Sensory Pack idea and instructions.


Sending hugs and best wishes to your precious children, from Trish, Julie and Jess





Tuesday 25th March 2020


Dear Parents,

I do hope you're all well and despite these strange times are managing to remain positive.

I have included some activities for you to do with the children this week and hope you find something to help enjoy your time with them and develop their skills. 


Most importantly set some time to play with them with toys you know they like the best. 





Friday 20th March 2020


To Dosbarth Gwyrdd Mums

'Happy Mother's Day!!'

Best Wishes

Team Gwyrdd 

Rugby world cup 2019!

Our topic this term is The Rugby World Cup! We have decided to focus on and support Argentina through their Rugby World Cup journey! Good Luck Argentina!

This term we have carried out lots of Rugby based activities and lots of activities centred on Argentina.  We each made our very own rugby kits, did printing with rugby boots, we matched up pairs of rugby boots and we had a rugby focus day which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We were able to practice our throwing and catching, weaving in and out of players and we even played a game of rugby against Dosbarth Rhymni!

We each made our own Argentinean flags which we have put up on display outside the classroom! They look fantastic! We made our own Sensory Pack which allowed the children experience the classic dance the Argentine tango which fun fact; became popular back in the 1880s.

 We based our sensory story around the Argentinean legend Topec and ‘The magic bean tree’. The story is about a magic tree in the middle of the Argentinean pampas. On the top of the tree slept a giant evil bird that stopped the rain from falling. A brave boy called Topec set out to save the village, the rivers and the creatures from dying of thirst. Topec and the villagers scared the bird away and prayed for the rain to fall in order to save the carob tree. We based our display board on the story, we painted with coffee and we made a carob tree and a giant bird. We had a go at making fresh Argentinean empanadas which gave us opportunities to taste, smell and feel all of the fresh ingredients.

Forest school

This term we have been really lucky to have forest school sessions. We have enjoyed making bird feeders, exploring the outdoors and melting marshmallows and making s’mores, they were delicious!!


This term dosbarth gwyrdd took part in mental health awareness day and the ‘#Hello Yellow’ young minds campaign. We all wore yellow, made our own emoji’s with different emotions, did printing with lemons, took photos in a yellow themed photo booth and lots more!!