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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Fine Motor Fun

Dear Zoo- Rescue the animals 


Use sticky tape, to stick toy animals to a surface. Show your child how to rescue an animal from under the tape by pealing it off. Then encourage your child do then do this by themselves and free the animals by pealing the sticky tape. Once all the animals have been rescued, can your child count the animals with support? Can you name the animal and your child find it? Does your child have a favourite animal?


Dear Zoo-  Animal Footprints 

Encourage your child to use their toy animals to explore different footprints they might make. If you do not have any toy animals at home you could look for objects in the house that may create different shapes and sized patterns. You could encourage your child to do this using some paint or you could use some mud from outside. Below is an example of what we have done in class this week.


Lion face masks 


This is a simple cutting and sticking activity, if you have a photo of your child and some spare paper. If you have an image of a lion show your child first, you could find one on your phone on an internet search. Then encourage your child to do some paper ripping or if they can use some scissors to do some cutting. Then encourage your child to stick the paper around their face just like a mane on a lion. 


Teddy Bear sticky plaster activity

Still image for this video
Peal back sticky plasters with numbers written on to then match to the same number on the picture of a teddy bear.