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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


We learned all about the hairdressers this week and how we are all different but have the same values when it comes to the most important things! We had a go at giving each other makeovers using photos of each other, playdough and lacing activities. We all had a go visiting the hairdressers for a sensory drama session, looked at some treatments they offer and learned all about personal hygiene and how to keep ourselves feeling clean and fresh!

We learned all about the emergency service and what incredible things they do to help people in need! We had a go at putting out our very own fires, designing our own uniforms and we even made a class fire engine!

We learned all about our teeth and the best way to keep them clean, we sorted foods that are good or bad for our teeth and made our own model teeth! We brushed the bacteria off of our models, cards and even our own teeth! We also learned all about glasses, optical illusions and opticians. We tried glasses on virtually, in real life and even designed our own!

We looked at beaches and mountains of our beautiful country Wales! We made our own mountains using flour and water, made sensory under water bags, designed our own sandcastles and much more! You can learn what we did by checking some of the resources below!

We visited our local park! There is so much to see, we played i-spy and did scavenger hunts. We designed our own parks, learned about what animals live in the park and much more! You can try with the resources below!

A massive welcome to Dosbarth Lleuad! We are happy to see all our friends from last year and some new ones too, this year we have a new teacher Mr Al-Azzawi! If you would like to get in touch with any of us please write in the home books.


What we have been learning:

We have been getting to know each other and learning all about our community!

Week 1 - Parks

Week 2 - Beaches and mountains

Week 3 - Dentists and Opticians

Week 4 - Emergency services

Week 5 - Doctors and hospitals

Week 6 - Hairdressers

Week 7 - Shops

Dosbarth Lleuad


What a lovely start to see so many happy faces back in Dosbarth Lleuad smiley

As your child is attending school on a part time basis, we will be sending and updating home folders weekly which will be full of activities for your child to complete at home. Please can you ensure that the folder is sent back into school with your child, including finished activities so we are able to see your child's progress, this will also give them the opportunity to finish off any other activities unfinished.  


Activity sheets will not be uploaded onto the website as we will send these home with your child, however, our fun resources and videos will still be accessible on our class page and 'Blended Learning' ! smiley


Stay Safe and we will see you soon! heart 

First week back and we're learning about All things Welsh! We've had many activities through stories, drama and art :)

Dosbarth Lleuad


 Please click on 'Home Learning' where you will find weekly activities.


Please feel free to explore Dosbarth Lleuad file below which will take you to lots of resources that you are able to print at home or lots of videos for your child to watch laugh


There is also a section under Pupils called 'Blended Learning' which has many resources made by all of Ty Gwyn staff for you to explore smiley


Please stay safe! heart 

Dosbarth Lleuad


Please find home activities planned under 'Home Learning' below. We hope you have lots of fun with what we have planned for you smiley


Stay safeheart


Dosbarth Lleuad


We are so delighted to see all our happy children back in school! 

Dosbarth Lleuad have done fantastic when transitioning to their brand new classrooms and overall settled lovely to their routine.

During our time back at Ty Gwyn, we have enjoyed many activities based around 'Friendship' that we think you may like to see. Keep an eye on our class page for our photographs 


For our pupils who are at home and would like to join in our 'Friendship' activities at home, please click on 'Home Learning' where you will find everything that we're doing in school smiley

Cats and Robbers By Russell Ayto!

Saint George and the dragon story- Catalonia St. Jordi 2020- Coronagon.

Use the computer or the TV, is much better! I hope you all enjoy it! Alexis.

"The zebra who ran too fast'

The Grumpy Frog- SEN education- 09/04/2020

Hi everyone, I want you to met the grumpy frog! Enjoy!