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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


Autumn term 2022

Last half term we looked at relationships and friendships. We enjoyed our 'Room on the Broom' sensory story, completed literacy and numeracy tasks, made halloween crafts, made lots of yummy food in cookery, went on walks to the local shops and hwb, and lots of fun things.


This term we are looking at the topic 'Season's Greetings'. We will be exploring our sensory story- 'Stick man', completing numeracy and literacy tasks, making some fantastic Christmas crafts, having fun practicing and performing our Concert, studying the world around us focussing on the football world Cup and much more.


Autumn term 1- look at what we've done

Spring Term 2022

We hope you had a restful Christmas break. This term our topic is 'In the Beginning'. We are going to start by looking at.... DINOSAURS!


Look below for activity ideas if you are learning from home.

Welcome back, Dosbarth Tawe!


Allison, Ruth, Kiera and Becca are really excited to have you all with us again this year.


This term we are looking at 'Our Community'.


Here are a few of the things we will be exploring:





People Who Help Us

Dentists and Doctors


If you are learning from home at any point, do be sure to check out the Ty Gwyn YouTube channel, and the Ty Gwyn website.




















Summer Term 1


This half term our topic is 'Romeo and Juliet' (Relationships)

We are looking forward to exploring different types of relationships and reading lots of stories about different relationships in school.


See the link below for additional learning resources:

Spring Term 2

Last half term our topic was 'Cymru am Byth'!

In school we did lots of lovely welsh activities.


Click the link below to revisit some Welsh activities and resources:

Spring Term 1


WC 08.02.21

This week we are visiting...Spain!

W/C 01.02.21

This weeks Country is Germany, find activities for the week in the Powerpoint below.


Home learning W/C 25/01/21

Please use the Powerpoint for this weeks lessons and activities. There are numeracy worksheets to print and complete and a powerpoint to learn the French colours. We hope you have a good week, again please take some photos we can show everyone in class.

Home Learning W/C 19.01.21

Activities and at home learning

Home Learning W/C 11.01.21

Before we go exploring different countries and finding out about traditions. We thought it would be good to talk about the way we treat the world and our environment, keeping our favourite places clean and tidy and making sure we look after our planet. Let's explore some of the ways we can look after our planet!


How can we help our planet?

To look after the planet we love, there are lots of things we can do. Today, we would like you to look at what you throw away at home. Help your parents to sort your rubbish into recycling bins, sorting according to their materials. If you are able to print the worksheet attached beneath, complete the table, sorting the items into their correct column.


Another way we can look after our planet is to make sure we do not use too much water. We can do this by taking showers more instead of baths, turning the tap on when brushing our teeth and not watering our garden too often. How much water do you use every day? Make a note of each time you do.



PLASTIC! Plastic is something we all use and can't easily get away from. It is important that we in Dosbarth Tawe try to use less plastic in school. Have a look at the video below for some ideas.

We already use reusable plates and cups at our class parties, but we could do more, like make our own party banners and cards. 


Activity- Can you make a party banner with your name on it today.

Use paper and cut it into triangles, decorate each triangle with whatever you have at home- colouring pencils, crayons, felt pens, paint, magazine cuttings etc. Then if you have a piece of wool or string attach your triangles to it. If you don't have string don't worry, just keep your triangles safe to bring to school and we can do that bit! Have fun decorating your own banners and help us reduce out plastic use in class!

10 Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Use - For Kids! Stopmotion Animated Video

This How To video teaches children some very simple changes they can make, and little things they can do, that will help cut down the use of single-use plast...




Pollution - Science for Kids | Primary World

Pollution - Science for Kids | Primary WorldThis video explains about different types of pollution:Air PollutionLand PollutionWater Pollution Subscribe to...


Lots of households create pollution which is bad for the Earth's atmosphere. Have a look at the activity below and see if you can find any possible pollutants which may be bad for the Earth in this house. 








Home Learning Activities

Week commencing 4th January




Task 1

As our topic this term is 'I like that...' we thought it would be a nice opportunity to update our class display board with a Collage of your favourite things.

Task: on a4 or a3 paper (whatever you have available) create a collage using old magazines/catalogues/printed pictures/drawings of your favourite things. Include TV shows, music, films, toys, colours, people, places etc. 

Task 2

Take a photo of you with your favourite Christmas present/item and write or design a thank you letter to Father Christmas



Still image for this video
Ruth likes...pets!

Using your own pet or a cuddly toy, can you stage your own ‘pet agility show’? You can take photos, or video your pets/toys performing their best tricks and commands. Make it as simple or as elaborate as you like.


Becky likes getting outside

Still image for this video
Tell us your favourite place to go

Kiera likes going for walks

Still image for this video
Tell us where you like to go for some fresh air

Kiera found lots of different coloured fairy doors on her walk

Kiera and Becky have taken you to some of their favourite places. Tell us/show us your favourite place to go outdoors for some fresh air!


Becca likes cooking

Still image for this video
Becca likes to cook and bake at home

Follow Becca's step by step guide for the perfect pancakes. Don't forget to decorate them! Bon appetit!


Becky likes reading. Click the link below for our story 'Princess Pirate Pants', then share with us your favourite books. Maybe you could take a photo of you with your favourite book and we can share them with the class when we are back in school! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Bubbles Fun! Half Term Week

Hi All! This week it's America


Below is the  planning  for  where to find the info.

Hi Everyone!


Hope you are all well?


We are starting with the continent of Africa  on our search for animals around the world. There have  been new  uploads placed in most of the six areas of learning.  Following this message there is  plan for you you to tell you where to find these activities in our website area.


Have fun!


Australia Project Week w/c 4.05.2020

Happy Birthday Dylan!!!!!!!!

Still image for this video

Hi all, here are some quick resource links on the internet for you to use in the next few days.

Hi Everyone, 


Today we sent home a homework pack in preparation for the Easter holiday. The pack includes craft ideas  as well as literacy and numeracy activities.Please don't worry if you missed them today they are here ready for you when you need them. 


Please take a look! 




Dosbarth Tawe  

Castles- Wales is Magical

Welsh Month - CYMRU'N HUD- Wales Is Magical

Dosbarth Tawe World Book Day


We  have  made  our hats to celebrate  books all day