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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


Croeso i Ddosbarth Tawe



This term Dosbarth Tawe  have  focused  on the Rugby Worlds  Cup. We  have  looked at  Canada for our  country to support. 


We  read stories  by Canadian authors who wrote the  books The Paper Bag  Princess and Spork. 

We  explored  Canada  with our  friend  Bernard the  Beaver  

Paper Bag Princess | by Robert Munsch - Read Aloud

A Heroine, a dragon, and a prince named Ronald. Clever Elizabeth, the Princess, loses everything to a dragon, but with her determination and clever wit she gets Ronald back. But does he deserve her?

SPORK | Dare to Be Different | Read Along Story For Children

SPORK By Kyo Maclear Illustrated By: Isabelle Arsenault Spork sticks out. In his kitchen, spoons are spoons and forks are forks. Mixing is uncommon. Even though he tries to look more spoonish, and then more forkish, Spork never gets chosen at mealtimes. He seems destined to a life in the drawer ...


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