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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Fine Motor Tasks

An area of development we focus heavily on in Dosbarth Enfys is fine motor skills or in other words using our hands. Fine motor skills are crucial for your child to be able to complete every day tasks such as brushing their teeth, washing their hands, taking their coats off etc. We believe that encouraging the children to complete these tasks daily can also build on many other skills, for example the task may also have a focus on emphasising colours, number and/ or language. The tasks also help to develop listening, attention and concentration skills.


The best way to help your child promote these skills at home is to encourage them to explore with a wide range of materials that involve using their hands. In school these materials include building blocks, puzzles, posting tasks, sorting activities, shape sorters, musical instruments, playdough, sticking, books,  scissor skills, mark making and many utensils related to sand and water play etc.


If you don't have many of these activities above at home, don't rush out and buy them. There are plenty of things you may already have in the home that you could use with your child. Here is a list of some of the things you may already have to use:


Using an empty container with an opening with scarfs- encourage your child to pull out the scarves.

Using an empty container such as Pringles pot or ice cream tub to post milk bottle tops.

Posting small objects into a bottle such as pipe cleaners.

Using pegs to peg washing or to peg onto tubs.

Putting coins into a money box.

Popping bubble wrap.

Peeling fruit.

Squeezing wet sponges.

Pouring water from one cup to the other.

Searching for toys hidden in sand or other messy materials.

Using large chunky chalks, crayons or finger paints to make marks.

Threading pasta tubes.

Using spoons to pick up objects.

Using spray bottles to water plants/paint

Using bbq tongs to transfer objects.



Below are some class photos of our pupils completing some fine motor focused tasks: