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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Sensory Stories

Ducks Ducks Ducks! with Lydia

The Very Lazy Ladybird

The Very Lazy Ladybird Introduction

Still image for this video

You will need:

  • Stone/pebble - paint to create your Ladybird
  • Tennis ball - for the jumping Kangaroo
  • Tiger Mask/Fur - for the Tiger
  • Long grass/leaves - for the Crocodile's tail
  • Rope/Skipping rope - for the Monkey swinging
  • Brush/comb - for the Bear scratching
  • Plant pot & Cardboard - to create your Tortoise
  • Kitchen roll tubes - to create the Elephant's trunk

Tiger Mask Outline

Makaton signs for the story

Lydia Ladybird Story

The Very Busy Spider - Animated Children's Book

Resources needed for story

How To Make Egg Carton Spiders

How to make rubbish bag spiderwebs

Farm Animal Sounds

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

How to make a paper butterfly

Fidgety Fish

Makaton signs for sea creatures