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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


Rubicon Dance Sessions take place once a week for the 14-19 yrs age group but as it is an enjoyable session we try and involve everyone in class where possible. 

A member of Rubicon staff leads the session and everyone has a partner to assist with each section.

The list below explains which piece of music is played and what the movements are - please just do whatever movements are comfortable.

(We've sourced the music from Youtube ready for you.)

There will usually be some kind of 'Disco ball' light used for the more lively movements and for the slower movements towards the end of the session the lights are dimmed and either a  floaty scarf draped over our partners or bubbles are blown.

Have Fun!smiley

Rubicon Session 14-19

Pull music up on YouTube before session starts

Music list.

1/Glitterball -sigma ft-Ella Henderson (official Video) 3.51

2/ Bom Bom by sam and the womp (instrumental) 2.54

3/ Titanium -David Guetta ft Sia 4.06

4/I like to move it (Madagascar)2.54

5/Dance Monkey-Tones and I (official video) 3.57

6/ Waves-Mr.Probz 3.55



1/ Warm up- Rub arms and leg to warm up muscles

2Arm Stretching – Stretching arms up and down /side to side

3/Leg/hips stretches – knee bending/ legs raises /hip rotation

4/fast whole-body movement – moving different body parts of the body together -two arms together /leg and arm etc.

5/slower body movements – moving one body part at a time- one arm /one leg etc

6/Warm down- sit quietly, gentle taping on arms and legs


(assistant may be needed depending on range of movement of the pupil)

Sigma ft. Ella Henderson - Glitterball

Bom Bom (Instrumental)

David Guetta Ft. Sia - Titanium (Instrumental) [Download]

King Julian- I like to move it (Madagascar Version with Lyrics)

Dance Monkey

Mr Probz Waves lyrics Original