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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Winter Activities Weeks 1 & 2

For Week 1 and 2 of this brand new term in a brand new year our activities will focus on Wintertime. It's chilly outside so stay warm and join in or watch! 

Recycling our Christmas board! Goodbye Father Christmas- Hello Frosty January! ❄️

We try and reuse and recycle as much as we can being an Eco-friendly school. As Dosbarth Usk couldn’t be together to create a brand new display board for the new term we’ve adapted what we’d created together before the holidays. 
Bev made a log cabin from some card we’d painted - she did a great job - BUT just wait until you see what type of log cabin she made at home! I can think of a few Uskateers who would’ve loved to have helped her! 

Bev’s choctastic log cabin!

What a masterpiece! Bev’s chocolate finger Log cabin! ❄️

Just a little explanation of how we like to be creative! ‘We don’t do perfect- we do fun! - then we make it look good!’ Team Usk!

Rip together! Stick together! Mix it up! Puffy paint - get stuck in! How many eyes? Where’s your nose? Frosty looking good! It’s all about the ‘Process’!

Our Winter Art and Craft! ❄️

Anita made a Snowman’s face for the Lightboard ⛄️

Still image for this video
Using a freezer bag and some shaving foam you can simply make a squishy Snowman face. Use Sharpie pens or similar to draw a cheeky face! Don’t forget to get messy with some extra foam! It smells lovely too! Have some Sensory squishy fun with your family! ❄️

Paper chain Winter creatures.

Suggestions for Winter art - we are very aware that art resources at home may not be available to you - only join in if you can or you want to 🙂

Make Fun Fake Snow for Winter Sensory Activities

Learn how to make simple fake snow for winter sensory play with kids of all ages. Taste safe too!

Click the link below to hear 'Snowflakes' by our old friends The Music men!

Makaton - SNOWFLAKE SONG - ITS Music

Peaceful music, Relaxing music, Instrumental music "Cozy Winter Cabin" by Tim Janis

MUSIC | *Winter Theme* Interactive Action Song!