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Ty Gwyn Special School

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Down in the Jungle

Down in the Jungle 


This is another fantastic nursery rhyme to enjoy with your child with lots of actions and fun voices. 


To support the language in this song:

  • For each animal try to use a toy or related object to help your child understand more about the animal and what it does. 
  • With each new animal, you could try moving around like that animal or move the toy animal and encourage your child to copy if they can.
  • You could use a wet flannel/ sponge or something similar to support the 'washing their clothes' line.
  • Encourage your child to feel the wet item and imitate the washing action to the song.
  • If you have musical instruments such as a drum you could encourage your child to explore this during the 'Boom boodie, boom boodie' verse.
  • Alternatively if you don't have an instrument, you could use a pot of some sort and a spoon to create some new jungle sounds as the song is sung or played.