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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


1/4/20 Here are some photos of the pupils in Enfys learning through their play. Play is an important part of child development, it helps children to keep healthy, develop new skills, engage with and better understand the world around them. We hope everyone is well and enjoying their play at home at the moment ! Happy playtime everybody, Love Team Enfys



In Dosbarth Enfys all our pupils love bubble play. As the weather has been so glorious this week bubble play is an activity you could try with your child at home both indoors and outdoors that is fun, cheap and really easy to do. If you don't have any bubbles at home, you could make your own using fairy liquid and various kitchen utensils you may already have. Simply use a small amount of water and washing up liquid. Dip the kitchen utensil into the liquid, blow and watch what happens.

There are so many developmental benefits to bubble play but most of all its lots of fun and is something that I feel could be really easy to do at home with your child! I will upload our favourite song for bubble play onto our class page, that may be useful. Why not have a go at having some bubble fun in the sun this week!



Five Little Babies Blowing Bubbles

One of favourite songs for when we have bubble play in Enfys.


Did you know the Welsh word Enfys means rainbow in English. As we all know it is a very hard time for everyone right now, but all around the world families are sharing some brightness to their day by making their own rainbows to display in their windows. The idea is that during this difficult time, whilst families may be out on a walk getting some exercise they can look for rainbows in windows and share the message that we are all in this together. Why not have a go at making your own rainbow this week to share, spread some joy and some smiles within your community. If you get the chance, you could also go out into the fresh air to find and count rainbows in windows.

Happy rainbow hunting! 


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This is one of our favourite songs this year in Dosbarth Enfys. The wonderful rainbow song really helps to bring us all together, get our attention and helps us to feel calm and relaxed! Why not have a go at listening to the song and relaxing at home with your families, or you could play it as your making your own rainbows.


Hi everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that all the pupils in Enfys had a 'Home Learning' pack sent home yesterday. We hope these activities will be fun and useful to do with your child whilst they are at home. However, we just want you to know we fully appreciate how worrying and stressful this time is right now for everyone and your child may choose and prefer to do something else. The most important thing is that we are all happy and healthy. 

We will update our class page weekly with possible activities you could try at home with your child and will share some useful strategies that we use in class to best support learning and understanding. There is also a section on the website under 'Pupils' then 'Ty Gwyn Resources' that you may find useful.

Take care everyone!

Jemma, Gemma, Vicky & Taylor (Team Enfys)



Welcome to Reception!


We have had a very busy Term in Dosbarth Enfys! We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Rugby World Cup. The country we have been learning all about was Tonga! We focused our learning mainly on the  colour of the Tonga flag learning about the colour red and looking at other objects around us that are also red.

We have also been learning about Autumn using our outdoor play to notice changes in the environment this season. During this play we have been using natural objects to practise counting and matching and developing our creative skills!

It is also been a fun first term for making new friends and all our pupils have settled really well and enjoying getting to know each other!

Da iawn Dosbarth Enfys!