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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


Target 1

LNF-Measure– C Steps– to independently compare the size of objects by lining them up or holding them together: – find the ‘big’ one from two objects and order several objects according to their size.


Home learning idea:

-Line up shoes in order of size

-Line up balls from the smallest to the biggest



Target 2

LNF-B steps- Using data skills- Separate from collection objects which share a common attribute ( of their own choosing)


Target 3

LNF-Numerical Reasoning– C Steps– to recognise if the pattern is wrong, where items are in pairs, and put it right by completing the set or removing the odd item


Home learning idea: 


Target 4

LNF- Number– C Steps– to ‘add more’ to, or ‘take away’ from, a set when the task is structured by an adult, and can re-count to find new total


Home learning idea: