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Ty Gwyn Special School

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Bear Sensory Pack

Bear Sensory Pack


What is a Sensory Pack?

It is a strategy based around music, touch and then a selection of different objects, with the principle being for the child to listen to the music and to feel of touch of the objects on their body. This gives child opportunity to make contact with their environment, own bodies and their caregivers.

Sensory Pack is based upon sensory alignment – the child hears what they see and what they feel on their skin, reinforcing the senses of seeing, hearing and touching. It is then through linking the familiar music with the objects, touch and adult that the child is then able to develop their communication with the caregiver.


How it benefits:

Sensory Pack sessions gives you time to engage in interaction on a 1:1 basis with your child.  It can often be a very special time between the adult and the child.

Sensory Packs also develops the child's ability to anticipate what is going to happen next as they begin to associate the music that they hear to the different objects and what they are about to experience.


When using Sensory Pack, it is important to:

- Keep distractions around the room at a minimal.

Always test what your child will feel on yourself before using it with on them – so you know what they are experiencing and can make sure that it is a comfortable sensation for the child.

- Make sure that you move the objects on your child’s body to the beat of the music. 



Bear Sensory Pack


Items/ action needed to explore:



Music Youtube link:

Play the song for as little or long as needed to suit your child and their attention span.


Where Is Bear


Drape the material/blanket over your child’s face and other body parts. Let them feel it between their fingers/toes.

Do peek-a-boo action using the blanket looking for anticipation.


I Met a Bear

Body parts

(hands and feet)

Support your child making them aware of their body parts, linking the actions to the song.

I.e. stomping feet, firm presses on the body.






The Gummy Bear Song


Dance to the music. You can use repetitive actions or simply dance freely exploring movement.






The Bare Necessities

Water spray

During the song spray the water bottle looking for anticipation. Also let the child play in the water splashing and exploring.



We're Going on a Bear Hunt


(in a container) 


Using outdoor foliage, let your child explore and feel. You could use a stick to tap over the body or conduct the music.




6. Relax music Oil/hand cream Give your child a nice hand massage or do sweeping motions over the body to bring the session to a close.