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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


Welcome to our first Summer term of 2022 at Dosbarth Coch, 


This term is all about Queen Elizabeth during the 1990's to celebrate her Jubilee. This week is based on all things tech- so technology during the 90s. 


Kind regards, 

Joanne, Natalie & Izzy

Welcome to Class Coch- 2022!


We are currently focusing on Easter and making lots of Easter themed crafts and the story we are currently reading is 'We're Going on an Egg Hunt'. 


Kind regards,

Joanne, Natalie and Izzy



Welcome to Dosbarth Coch 2021-22!


We are an energetic group of 7 amazing boys. This term our topic is My Community and the boys have enjoyed doing lots of different activities on this topic. We have learnt about areas in our community such as the beach and the park. We have also looked at people who help us in our community such as the emergency services, opticians, dentists and doctors. 


We look forward to having even more fun for the rest of term.


Love Team Coch

Meet team Coch

Week Beginning 6th July 2020


Hi Everyone!


It was lovely to see some of our pupils back in last week! Hope everyone at home is doing ok!


We hope you all enjoyed making your helicopters last week! This week we are going to look at planes! There is a lovely Disney film called planes that you can watch or maybe you'd like to role play being on a plane? you could use different foods or smells to represent different countries as you go on your journey - don't forget to stamp your passports!


I've also added lots of different types of plane crafts you can make, how far can you throw your aeroplanes?


Hope you have lots of fun making your planes this week!


Stay safe, you're all doing a fantastic job!


Leanne, Natalie, Lisa, Sarah & Ash

Week Beginning 22nd June 2020


Hi Everyone!


Hope you're all doing ok and have enjoyed your week. This week we will be looking at kites. We have added lots of different ideas for you to try at home using lots of items that you will find around the house. We hope you enjoy making them and testing them out in the garden!


Stay safe and see you all soon!


Leanne, Natalie, Lisa, Sarah and Ash

Week Beginning 15th June 2020


Hi Everyone!


Hope you're all well and you've had a lovely week! We hope you enjoyed completing the space activities last week and had lots of fun whilst making them!


This week we are looking at hot air balloons! In the Summer Week 3 folder we have added different ideas for you to make your own hot air balloons and to do some simple experiments too! 


We've also added a few ideas to make Father's day crafts too!


Hope you all enjoy!


Stay safe everyone and we hope to see you all soon!


Leanne, Natalie, Lisa, Sarah & Ash

Week Beginning 8th June 2020


Hi Everyone


Hope you're all doing ok and have had a good week! Hope you all enjoyed making your rockets and spacecrafts! 


This week, as you have all been making rockets, we thought we would take a closer look at space and we have added lots of different space themed ideas for you to try at home. Enjoy!


Take care everyone!


Leanne, Natalie, Lisa, Sarah & Ash 

Week Beginning 1st June 2020


Hi Everyone!


Hope everyone is well and you've all had a nice half term. The weather has been lovely, so we hope you've all been outside enjoying the sunshine!


We are in our final half term now and all missing school but we hope that you find the next set of activities fun to do at home! This term our topic is all about things that fly so we will be looking at things like rockets, spaceships, helicopters, aeroplanes, kites and hot hair balloons!!


We hope you're all safe and you enjoy the activities!


Leanne, Natalie, Lisa, Sarah & Ash

Week Beginning 18th May 2020


Hi Everyone!


Hope you're all doing ok!


This week we thought we would end our Circle of Life topic with African style instruments that you can make. You can use things from around the house like plastic cups, pot plants and straws and fill your instruments with noisy foods such as dried pasta, rice or beans. There's also a few suggestions on making your own wind chimes - these are lovely and calming for the garden. 


We hope you're all safe and well and enjoy doing some of these activities at home this week. 


Hopefully the weather continues to be dry and sunny so you can all hang up your windchimes :)


Stay safe, we miss you all!


Leanne, Natalie, Lisa, Sarah & Ash

Week Beginning 11th of May 2020


Hi Everyone! 


We're all missing you and hoping you're all doing ok and everyone is well!


This week we've added lots of different African style art activities for you to do, there are lots of different styles such as nice scenery pictures to different styles of jewellery that you can make using things like pasta! We hope you enjoy and if there is anything else you need please contact us and we will do whatever we can to help!


Stay safe everyone!

Leanne, Natalie, Lisa, Sarah & Ash 

Week Beginning 4th of May 2020


Hi Everyone 


Hope you've all had a nice week, the weather hasn't been very nice so lets hope for some sun this week!


To start this week we have made a little video for you on the song - Circle of Life - you may see some familiar faces and maybe some younger ones too :) 


We've also added a few stories read by our staff - these are some of our favourite stories in class and some of them are new - have a look in the folder - Stories with Coch staff - hope our pupils enjoy them!!


Last week we asked you to go on a safari hunt of your own - I hope you saw lots of interesting things! This week we are continuing with our animals and where they live. We have added lots of different ideas for you to make various homes for different small animals and minibeasts as well as animal feeders that you can put in your garden. You can use your binoculars to count how many animals you see! 

Week beginning 27th April


Hi Everyone!


Hope you're all well and keeping safe. Another week done and you're all doing fantastic! This week we are adding lots of new things to our class page. We're going to focus on different African animals that you would see on a safari. In the folder above we have added lots of different animal crafts that you can try at home as well as some interactive animal PowerPoints and healthy animal snacks! 


After watching the Lion King last week, why not go on a safari of your own and see what you can find? Maybe hide some animals around the house or look at small wildlife animals in the garden or in the trees.


The staff in Dosbarth Coch have been very busy looking for a lion, can you see him in the video below? We hope you enjoy :) 

Week Beginning 20th April 2020


Hi Everyone


We hope you are all doing ok and you have had a nice Easter all things considered! We understand how difficult this current situation is and we are very proud of all our pupils for how well they are coping without school. We miss you all and hope that we will be back in the classroom soon!


Our next topic is 'The Circle of Life'. We love Disney and will be basing our topic around The Lion King! Each week we will upload different areas to focus on with lots of simple ideas, songs and stories for you to try at home. We will explore the film, the animals, their babies and where they live, African culture and music as well as encouraging you to go on a wildlife hunt in your own garden and using natural materials to make lovely pictures. 


Please see the folder below for this weeks activities! 


Stay safe!


Leanne, Natalie, Lisa, Sarah & Ash (Dosbarth Coch)

Week beginning 30th March 2020


Hi Everyone, lovely to speak to you all today and know that you are all safe and well!


Above I have uploaded lots of Easter crafts that you could try as well as simple sensory activities and ideas to do in the garden using natural items as well as things you may have in your home. 


Hope you all had a nice weekend and fingers crossed the weather stays dry for you all to be able to do some nice activities out in the garden.


Stay safe and if you need anything further please email the school website or use


Speak soon 

Leanne, Natalie, Lisa, Sarah & Ash (Dosbarth Coch)

Week beginning 23rd of March 2020


Hi everyone, hope you are all well and keeping safe!


Above we have uploaded a symbol schedule that may help your child understand the structure of the day if you would like to use it, as well as a symbol now and next card that you can use in any way you see fit. These are things we use in class to help the pupils understand what they need to do. Sometimes a weekly schedule can be a bit overwhelming which is why we use the now and next to keep the demands simple and achievable : Now - work,  Next - Choice. 


If you would like anything else or something more specific, please email the school using the email addresses on the letter or use the school website address and your queries will be passed onto me :) 

Welcome to Dosbarth Coch!


This term we have been learning all about minibeasts! We have made lots of different insect crafts for our class displays as well as looking at where they live, counting how many legs they have and which insects fly.


We have enjoyed exploring different materials and textures as well as lots of messy and sensory play!


Our favourite story this term has been the Very Hungry Caterpillar! We have enjoyed counting all the food the caterpillar ate and watching him turn into a beautiful butterfly!! Here are some pictures of us all working hard! Da iawn Dosbarth Coch!!