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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Messing About On The Water Topic Activities

At the seaside related tasks to try at home this week:

  • Create your own sand pit at home using real sand or crushing dried breakfast cereal to create a sand like texture. Encourage your child to create movements such as scooping, digging, pouring and sifting using the sand using different household items. Encourage your child to create different marks in the sand using their fingers and different utensils. Consider making the sand wet and exploring the differences between wet and dry sand. Playing alongside your child with sand is a great opportunity to develop sharing, turn taking and waiting skills. 
  • For the pupils in school today, we pretended we were at the beach and we have all explored the taste of something cold either choosing an ice-lolly or some ice cream. Why not have a taste of something cold this week? 

The Tortoise and the Hare story/song communication/interaction topic ideas


Intensive Interaction sessions are familiar to all our pupils in Enfys. Sitting face to face with your child, encourage them to watch and follow your actions. These could be actions such as clapping, stomping, making silly sounds and faces or using a motivating object in a fun way that is getting your child's attention. Encourage your child to copy your actions, you may want to consider going fast and then slow just like in the story of the tortoise and the hare. To develop turn taking skills let your child lead next and copy their actions, movements or sounds. Notice if this gets their attention and how they respond. Do they repeat for you to copy? Do they ask for more?  


If appropriate consider the words fast and slow and discuss these with your child. Can your child act out any movements in a fast or slow way like in the story? Can your child try to move like a turtle?






Turtle songs with body actions.

Encourage your child to copy and imitate your actions or just watch as you do them and sing!


This is my turtle(Make fist, extend thumb)

He lives in a shell ( Hide thumb in fist)

He likes his home very well

He pokes his head out when he wants to eat (Extend thumb)

And pulls it back when he wants to sleep (Hide thumb in fist)


Turtle, Turtle (Theme Twinkle, Twinkle)


Turtle, turtle moves so slow,

Crawling, crawling, watch him go

At the pond he looks around

See his head move up and down,

Turtle, turtle wants to swim

Now he slides and dives right in.


Have a go at moving like animals under the sea with Andy

Below is a folder with 'Under the Sea crafts' to try at home this week.

Under the Sea crafts

Brilliant Boats- Topic related tasks


Explore objects around your house that will float and sink. Observe what happens 


Make your own boats using foil. Test your boats in water. How many 1p coins will your boat hold? Will it hold up to 10? Will it hold other items? Keep counting how many items your boat will hold.

Sing the song 'Row, row, row your boat' with your child. Sit infront of your child, holding each others hands and rock back and forth as if you are rowing a boat. As you sing the song and have your child's attention  pause the song and look for any signal that your child wants you to keep singing by requesting 'more'. This could be by them giving you better eye contact, saying or signing 'more' or they may pull at your hands etc. Once they do this continue with the song and actions pausing to repeat throughout different verses.


Simple Water Play

The best thing about water is it has a magnetic attraction to all of our pupils in Enfys. Find some sort of tub, fill it up and have fun with some of these water play activities. 

  • Only water-  Just explore water with your hands and see what can be done with it.
  • Water and Ice- Explore water that is very cold!
  • Water and a Funnel- Pour water using different objects you may have at home.
  • Water and Fruit- Add cut up citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges to the water to create a different smell as your child plays.
  • Water and Milk Bottles- Make holes in plastic milk bottle cartons to pour water through.
  • Water and Foam Shapes/ Numbers/ Letters
  • Water and Sand- Fill your water table/tray with sand and then add water.
  • Water and Sponges- Have fun filling sponges making them heavy and squeezing the water out.
  • Water and Beach Toys- Use the bucket and spade etc in the water to pour and move the water.
  • Water and Small Toys- Bring some of your child's favourite toys into the water.
  • Water and Toothbrushes- Encourage your child to clean their toys with the toothbrushes.