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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Pushes and Pulls

Pushes and Pulls


As well as learning about different textures, we will also be exploring pushes and pulls! There are some simple activities that you could do with your child at home to help them to explore this movement.


Some ideas are:

  • Help your child to push balls / cars across a table or down a slanted surface. You could have a competition over who can push their ball / car the furthest.
  • Help your child to pull toys on string across different surfaces - let them explore the resistance that they might feel by giving encouraging them to pull their toys on surfaces such as carpet, grass or over blankets, and then the ease that they can move things over a smooth surface such as a table top.
  • Help your child to push and pull items around the house such as opening and closing doors and drawers.
  • If appropriate for your child, and if you have any in your house, you could also explore magnets with your child - use them to either move objects around by repelling them or by attracting objects to them. You could try putting a selection of magnetic objects into a bowl, hold the magnet underneath the bowl and move the magnet around, observing what happens to all of the objects!
  • Help children to explore different objects that they could push such as buttons, dolls prams, toys on wheels, push along toys.
  • Help children to explore different objects that they could pull such as zips, tug of war activities, pull along toys.