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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"



How Does a Butterfly Go?

How to make a bubble wrap beehive and bees!

Recycled Can Bees!

Recycle your bean cans and use paint mixed with PVA glue to decorate as a bee. Fill your can with bird seed and hang on a tree or use a stick to stand in your garden and watch the birds fly back and for!

Ladybirds from Apple printing

Minibeast pebbles

Minibeast Messy Play

Cooked spaghetti 'worms' and brown sugar 'dirt'

Chocolate mousse/Angel Delight 'mud' and jelly sweet 'worms'

Minibeast Activities

Minibeast poem

Minibeast Poem

Bumble Bee poem

Incy Wincy Spider poem