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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Summer Term 2

This term we are learning about holidays! We have linked in some Summer time crafts, the seaside and holidaying to Tokyo, Japan for the Olympics.

Please use this document for the activities for the whole term

Week 1

Design a passport- use a passport template and add a photo of yourself. Mark make your name on to add a personal touch! 


Pack a suitcase- you can either pack a real suitcase and use for role play or gather pictures of some holiday items and stick and glue on a suitcase template


Design an airplane- use wheel toys, e.g. cars, dip into paint and create track effects across the airplane template


Japan flag- we are off to Japan next week! Use red colour rice and white rice to decorate the flag

Week 2

Blossom tree- use broccoli dipped in paint to create a blossom tree effect 


Folding fan- you need lollipop sticks and paper to create this. Pupils to decorate the paper and use PECs to request colours 


Koi Fish- print out or draw a Koi fish template, add PVA glue to the outline, sprinkle with salt and pipette on food colouring to create a salt paint Koi Fish


Taste test- time to explore different foods. Include some Japanese food to a play tray alongside some of the pupils favoured foods. Pupils to explore tastes, textures and smells. 



Week 3- Under the Sea

Puffer fish- use a spikey textured ball to dip into yellow and white paint. Splat the ball across the paper to create the body. Add eyes (paper template or googly eyes), a mouth and 2 fins


Jelly fish- Cut a paper plate in half. Use any drawing tools to decorate the body. Add coloured tissue paper to the bottom of the plate to create the legs. 


CD fish- Decorate a CD with shiny materials, e.g. glitter, stickers or beads. 


Rainbow Spaghetti- this activity is to explore wet and dry textures.


Handprint crab- create a beach backdrop using blue materials, then add some sand (use sand or coloured materials similar to sand). Paint your hand to create the crab print.

Week 4- The Beach

Week 5- All About Water

Week 6- All About Summer

Dosbarth Seren go on Holiday story