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Ty Gwyn Special School

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Incy Wincy Spider

Incy Wincy Spider Sensory Song Ideas


To further support pupils understanding of this rhyme and make it more interactive try using the following objects and materials as you play/sing the rhyme. 


  • A toy spider could be used to represent the spider or you could support your child to make a spider using playdough or a pom pom and allow your child to explore with their hands.
  • Attach the spider to an elastic band or piece of string to bounce up and down over your child as you sing or play the rhyme.
  • An empty toilet or kitchen roll tube could be used as a water spout. Support your child to help the spider climb up and slide down the water spout. 
  • A bottle of water spray could be used to represent the rain. If it is appropriate you could gently spray some water into the air for your child to feel or spray themselves. You could also use a rain maker musical instrument/drum to listen to the sounds of rain.
  • A torch or something shiny or bright could be used to represent the sun, along with a pair of sunglasses for your child to look through.

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