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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"

Religious Education



P6-With assistance produces captions for pictures.


Home Learning Idea:


-See the PDFs below. One contains a picture strip, another contains the sentence strip and the other contains the symbols to make the sentences.


1. Ask A to look at the picture. 

2. Put the sentence strip in front of him.

3. Ask him who is in the picture, get him to choose 'who' from the orange who board and put it onto the sentence strip in the orange box.

4. Ask him "what are they doing?". Get A to identify what they are doing by choosing from the yellow 'doing what' board. Add this symbol to the yellow box on the sentence strip.

5. Get A to identify the person or object the action is being performed on by choosing from the green 'what' board. Add this symbol to the green box on the sentence strip.

6. Ask A "who is _____ doing ____with?. Get A to choose who from the pink 'with whom' board.

7. Prompt A to add a full stop to the end of his sentence. Add this symbol to the pink box on the sentence strip

8. Get A to read what he has written by pointing to each symbol in turn. Add the full stop to the white box on the sentence strip.

9.Follow this process with each picture in the pack.