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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


Week beginning .. 30/3/20

This week we would have been completing our Easter artwork and enjoying lots of Sensory Activities  - especially those involving CHOCOLATE!

We use this song and dance  to liven us all up before we start!

Chocolate choco choco

Try and do the actions with your partner or just dance for them!

Chocolate nests and messy play

Everyone loves a chocolate nest. smiley

Use your prefered cereal - Rice Krispies - Cornflakes -Shredded Wheat.

Carefully melt your chocolate and mix the two ingredients together then press into cake case. Make a little well in the middle for your mini eggs to sit in and chill in the fridge.


As with every activity however, the important part is that the children are involved as much as possible in the process. Using a separate set of ingredients allow time for exploration -

feeling the cereal - the chocolate chunks before melting and after (NB - make very sure the chocolate is cool enough to handle) Help them to mix either hand under hand with a spoon or get mucky and use your hands (this set of ingredients won't be eaten!) If you make some send us a picture we'll upload it on our page!


Chocolate Cloud Dough

This is not at all complicated and a nice chocolatey sensory experience.

You will need :



Cocoa powder


Simply add flour and oil until you get a texture you can mould then add cocoa powder to give an Easter twist!

The consistency can be powdery like flour but mouldable like damp sand. Enjoy!


Decorated eggs using shaving foam and food colouring.

This can be as messy - or not - as you like. Use cooled hard boiled eggs.

On a shallow tray or (for the not so messy version) - in a freezer bag or between cling film -  spray enough shaving foam for the amount of eggs you want to decorate. Drip on some food colouring then roll your eggs through - or plop an egg in your freezer bag and squish! 

As with the chocolate nests - break the activity down - let the children handle the egg - put hands or feet in the shaving foam (without the food colouring) - make the session as long or short as you like - extend the exploring side with a bit of water-play afterwards to remove the shaving foam from hands or feet.

The eggs need to be put aside - preferably overnight for the magic to work wink then simply wipe away the shaving foam with a paper towel. Enjoy!

Below are some easy Easter crafts al involving some sensory aspects that you might like to try if the resources are available at home

Easy to make! You could maybe make your creations into an Easter card for a loved one? Pasg Hapus x

To complete all three of the examples above you would just need some paint , bubble wrap, a potato and an empty toilet or kitchen roll tube.  If you were feeling really creative you could use your chicks and eggs to decorate an Easter hat! wink

Singing Hands: Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick Chicken - Makaton Sign Language

Happy Easter 🐣

Choctastic Creations! Well done Dosbarth Usk!

Ben has had a very very busy week! Well done Team Holley!