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Ty Gwyn Special School

"Learning To Achieve"


Target 1


Oracy - Respond appropriately to simple requests which include attributes (big/ dirty)


Home learning idea: 

Using PEC book, when requesting food items encourage JT to add an attribute to the sentence strip. For example, have a 'big' and a 'small' biscuit on offer and get J to use the PEC for 'big' or 'small' before the food item requested. You could do this with shapes too, you could have a 'rectangle', 'circle' and 'square' shaped biscuits available, use the shape PECs to encourage J to use the shape PECs before the food item. You could also use the attribute of 'colours', J could choose the colour of squash he would like or the colour of spread for toast for example. 

I have created PDFs of the PECs you would require to complete this target. The link is below. 



Target 2

Writing -Select a picture or symbol (from two or more) to convey a message in speaking


Home learning idea: 

Using PEC book create a page of items / activities that J would request, i.e. Ipad

J could then have a selection of pictures to represent certain things he wants to watch on YouTube on his Ipad, i.e. Number Jacks, Toy Story etc (let me know a list of things he likes to watch and I will make PEC sized pictures to represent them) I've attached a PDF with a few things that he likes to watch at school.